New Keto supplement article

V_Keto_V Posts: 342 Member

Mediocre article, but I'm glad they didn't just automatically throw in "whey protein, Creatine, multivitamin, fish oil" like they do for nearly every supplement article.

Thoughts, opinions? Discuss. No mention of Yohimbine as the preferred "fat burner"? But it is hard to just say no to caffeine


  • GaleHawkins
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    Thanks for the link @V_Keto_V I do some version of all 5 points. Coffee really helped in my case.
  • Christine_72
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    The whole article looks like one big advertisement for their products :huh:
  • V_Keto_V
    V_Keto_V Posts: 342 Member
    Yes, I'm sick of the site's advertising & pushing supplements with bro-science backings. They use to actually cover bodybuilding as a sport yet now don't even host the online events like the olympia or Arnold's just mainstream appeal to as many athletes & weight lifters as possible to sell supplements because the whole bodybuilder image isn't appealing (drug wise or aesthetic wise).

    On the plus side, the site is still good for looking into various training programs and methods; the exercise database is pretty nice being able to filter by body part, movement type, etc.
  • Lillith32
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    Hey, I started using their workout app (BodySpace) to track my routine. They're pretty awesome as a tracker, though not as social as Fitocracy. Same handle as on here, if you're on there, I could use some friends!