jennyb319 Posts: 36 Member
Anyone have any good links or suggestions as to prepping for surgery? I want to start changing my diet now but can't seem to find any good recipes for after the surgery


  • krissymae88
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    I have found a ton of stuff on pinterest. I made a whole board of "bariatric friendly" recipes.
  • nakeddog
    nakeddog Posts: 79 Member
    I did the same thing, made a Pinterest board.

    But I figure when it comes to the surgery, the dr will have a food list etc., and before the surgery I believe we all do a liquid diet. That is something I am sure the doctor will also say what to do.

    Prior to that time, I am eating normal, tracking my food. Making healthier choices, and cutting out things I know I won't be able to have. But, not everything all at once.
  • jennyb319
    jennyb319 Posts: 36 Member
    I'm going to check out Pinterest. My hubby told me I'll be taking over the cooking since I want to start eating healthier ... he likes to cook in butter and bacon grease... not very diet friendly lol
  • anbrdr
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    Honestly, I found a ton of info here, by reading the past discussions.
  • ki4eld
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    I got a lot of info from my doctor and decided to put it here.