MFP has posted some low carb recipes!

sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
...but they are also kind of low fat.

However, this one seems nice:

I would just use more mayo and add a slice of avocado for more fat!


  • bowlerae
    bowlerae Posts: 555 Member
    looks tasty thanks for sharing. I personally probably add some cheese in there as well.
  • Sunny_Bunny_
    Sunny_Bunny_ Posts: 7,140 Member
    I seriously think they just want people to fail at low carb... :(
    I mean not really. But I can't imagine trying to sustain myself eating like that.
  • sarahthes
    sarahthes Posts: 3,252 Member
    I would eat 2-3 of them for one serving, add avocado and cheese and maybe an egg.
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    I think low carb is gaining more traction but the high fat part is the thing people have trouble with. The low carb, high protein method is apparently popular enough to be a diet called 'ideal protein', which has a program like weight watchers.
  • KarlaYP
    KarlaYP Posts: 4,439 Member
    Yea, it's still low fat! People are going to be afraid of adding fat for a long time! The brainwashing is real! Hopefully this will change with the slow tide! Is good to be hearing more about dropping sugar intake though!
  • BalmyD
    BalmyD Posts: 237 Member
    So sad. It didn't start working for me until I cranked up the fat.