05/02 Monday Day 2 SLBC

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Pick Your 'One Thing'

There are lots of ways to ditch the chair and some of the most popular actions are listed here: http://www.quittingthesitting.org/ideas.html Which do you think would work for you?

Since we want to be sitting less long after the challenge has ended, it's important to find ways to sit less that work for us and fit into our lives. It can't be something you hate doing or you won't stick with it. It's also important not to try and change too many things at once and make the whole process overwhelmingly hard. Today's challenge is to select the one action you will prioritize this month. What's your “One Thing?” (you may want to read this blog post: http://www.quittingthesitting.org/simple-plan-to-sit-less).


  • betsym3
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    I challenge myself to walk around the block where I live at least one time, every week day, until it becomes a habit!
  • 77tes
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    My one thing is to get 250 steps per hour between 9 and 6. A Fitbit upgrade now tracks this, and I like to get the stars at the end of the day. It can be a bit tricky for my classes that last more than an hour. I teach standing up, but I really have to remember to get 250. Another challenging time is when I first get to the lab in the morning. 9-10 is usually lots of desk time, and it is 10 before I realize it.
  • jlemoore
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    I already have a standing desk. But I still find myself tied to the desk for hours. My one thing is to set a timer and walk around the my work complex every hour.
  • Sitivi7
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    My one thing is to walk my dog every day. We both can use the exercise. :smile:
  • jojopel
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    I will take the clean laundry off the ping pong table and start playing again. On the days when no one is around to play, I'll go for a walk in my neighborhood.
  • themedalist
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    Wow! These are some great "One Things"! Great ideas to walk more, exercise more, and even clean more. Regarding that, I think the declutters among us will like what's coming up for this Thursday's challenge!

    Fitbit's hourly activity tracker has made a big difference for me as well. My understanding is that all models except the One support that feature, so if you haven't used the hourly tracker yet on your Fitbit, check it out (you may need to upgrade your Fitbit software first.

    I know other activity trackers (such as Jawbone) have ways to help folks sit less too. While I don't have personal experience with them, please share if you do!
  • themedalist
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    Sitivi7 wrote: »
    My one thing is to walk my dog every day. We both can use the exercise. :smile:

    One of my favorite ways to move! Although with an 85 pound German Shepherd, sometimes I feel like I'm the one being walked.
  • WithGodICanDoThis
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    I teach, so on my plan I'm going to leave my classroom and walk around the school at least once. I will try to work up to more times.
  • tiffanylacourse
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    I've got a FitBit and that is definitely helping. I'm going to try to stand up and walk during commercials when watching TV!
  • hollyhock1009
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    I hope it's okay to add on to something I'm already doing, since I have been trying to get more active. In March I joined the MFP group Leslie Sansone Walk at Home, and I started with 1 mile at a time, and got up to 2 miles 6 days a week, 2 weeks ago. (Yesterday I managed 3 miles.) My goal for May was 40 miles, because I wanted to add in other forms of exercising.

    I am thinking of somehow adding in a 3rd mile, doing spurts or short walks throughout the day, in addition to the 2 miles. It can be another Leslie routine, a walk outside, or laps down in the underground parking garage between laundry loads. (I live in an apt building.) The 2 miles is before supper, so this other will be earlier in the day.
    I have pedometer/ watch, which, if accurate, I need more strides to make a mile than most people. I tend to wear it only for exercising, but I am going to work on wearing it all day, and attaining 5000 steps daily this week, increasing that a bit each week.
  • ma_reer
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    My one thing will be to try to step away from my standing desk once an hour to take a walk, stretch or do a quick exercise.
  • Mardill
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    I will do gardening on sunny days and de-cluttering on rainy days, for a minimum of 1 hour every day.
  • erelyl
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    My one thing will be two things.. getting a fitbit and going to get the spare room and basement totally gutted out. May will be busy!
  • taxmom9093
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    My one thing will be taking a walk if I have a afternoon slump instead of a nap. Or before a nap if I really need the sleep.
  • starjam25
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    I'm going to take the long way to ladies room!
  • Mamafred
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    The Fitbit dashboard now has the hourly active minutes. I set mine from 6am to 8pm and I am going to get at least 250 steps in each of those hours. Doesn't sound like much but for someone tied to a desk 7.5 hours a day, it takes both awareness and commitment.