Had 1st appt...could be another 18mths.

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I am so dissappointed...I really thought from what I was told before, maybe another 6mths max. The referral from family doctor to the bariatric clinic took 16mths. Now today I was told I have 6mths minimum to go thru the process to be approved for surgery. Then most likely the wait time to actual surgery is 1 year.

I am completely fine to go thru the process and do whatever they want. I start with the blood work, and go back to the clinic beginning of June. I am hoping since the first year of waiting I did alot of the work already expected...that maybe my wait time will be shortened.

I was given the goal, of 10%...I was told I don't need to make it in their timeline...but whatever I do, I cannot gain. If I gain, I am out...pretty much the gist.

I've been journalling, but not being 100% accurate on food amount. So now I will start to measure, weigh etc. Put in a new battery into the step counter I have...might upgrade later., but for now they want to see steps...looks like the dogs will get walked more often.

Here is to the beginning of my new lifestyle. :grin:


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    I completely empathize with what you are dealing with. My process was very similar. The good thing is the time gave me a chance to learn new, healthier habits and lose some weight so that once I had my surgery I was in a good place both mentally and physically. I had my surgery this past Monday and I am doing great and healing quickly.

    I was very frustrated with the whole process and why it took so long. Some of it I am still annoyed with, but in the end what will matter most is my health.
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    Use this time to develop the habits of weighing and measuring foods, choosing healthier foods (if you have copy of the post op eating plan, go ahead and use that), and make it your life! This is how it will need to be after surgery, for life! Going ahead, and instilling these habits will be a huge benefit to your post op success! Frustration with waiting can be tough, but use this time to your advantage and get a head start! Good luck!
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    Sometimes those steps are quite frustrating. I had my date for two weeks away before they came back and said that my insurance company had just changed the guidelines to add the six months nutrition. I had already been in three, now they wanted more?? Oh yes, with the stipulation that they had to be six months continuous classes, for instance, can't miss a month. Well, that sucked, because it was end of the month. The group that I went thru understood the frustration of myself and others who were 'in line'. We had an 'emergency class' that next evening to get us all within their requirements.

    I tell you, it made me work harder towards that goal.

    MFP is a great way to track all your foodage as well as water/exercise and things like that. As far as 10,000 steps? Shoot for 2,500 for two weeks. Make it every single day. Work up to 5,000 the next couple of weeks. Make those step goals obtainable on a consistent basis before you start doing 10,000 every day.

    You will make it, and sooner than you think. Just keep pushing towards that goal and listen to those nutritionists who give you advice on the befores and the after. You can do this and at the very least you have us to talk with for support for the upcoming months while waiting. :-)

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    It's hard to wait, but waiting provides the opportunity to learn and put all the lessons into practice before it really matters.
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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and advice., I am looking at it as a permanent lifestyle change, and ready to face the changes. I fully expected they would want to see me make changes, which is why during the first year of waiting I didn't make much changes. If I had already lost weight, it'd be harder to show I can lose weight. So 10% of weight for me to go from 267, down to 240...and now that it is summer I should be able to do that. Lots of fruit and veggies, and walking...I don't mind that at all.

    For the most part our family eats fairly healthy, my issue comes from portion sizes, and the occasional binge on sugary crap. I look forward to seeing the psychologist, I think most of all. I have learned a lot over the past year about nutrition, I even took online courses with certificates. The nurse I see, said I don't have to retake any of the classes.

    I was told tho, when I took the classes...that by taking them I would cut my wait time in half...since they don't need to wait for that. I thought I'd take the medical tests, see each department to determine if I was worthy...get a yes/no...and then get to the prove to us you can do this...6mths....making the entire process be 2 years. That was the end goal...no more than 2 years.

    To know it will be now be 3 years...really sucks. I know I can't lose the weight on my own, I spent the last 10years trying everything. I just wanted to get the help now...so that when my daughter graduates highschool I can proudly stand beside her, take the family pictures and have a that moment...not hide away and stay out of the pictures, or worry about ruining it. I was ready and willing to get the work done...with that goal line in my mind...June 2017...and it isn't going to happen. I almost feel betrayed by the original nurse/nutritionist team that run these classes for the clinic.

    It won't deter me, I will still get there, I will still get the surgery. Maybe something will happen and I will be approved and a spot will open up, before the year is up...and I can have it. I have to hope. :)