Thoughts on Adkins shakes

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I have been LCHF for 6 weeks, reading so much good information in the group and learning so much about what could make this woe a way of life. However, I haven't read that anyone uses the Adkins shakes in their diet. I confess that I DO use them daily because they're easy and satisfy my sweet cravings. Is there something wrong with using these shakes in LCHF?


  • auntstephie321
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    No there's nothing wrong with using those in your lchf plan. Once you are more used to this woe you'll likely leave those behind. I used isopure zero carb protein powder on the beginning. I rarely use it now but it helped me with reaching my protein goal and was sweet and delicious. Your tastes will change with time but having some easy go tos in the beginnings can be really helpful.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with them. The particular sweeteners they use aggravate my arthritis so I don't buy them. I occasionally use a protein powder with stevia but I find it sickeningly sweet now because I got used to no sweeteners.
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    I use them maybe once a well. Handy for work. Add HWC to increase fat and satiety if i won't eat again for a while.
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    Thank you for all your responses... since i hadn't read anything about it here was worried a bit that I was torpedoing myself with them. :)
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    I just googled "Atkins shakes sweetener" and found this site:
    where it says "the Atkins shakes are sweetened with acesulfame-potassium and sucralose". Both acesulfame-potassium (Ace-K) and sucralose affect people differently, so pay attention to your blood sugar or digestive reactions after consuming and see if you feel sleepy, or crash after an hour or so. If you do, that could be why. If not, lucky you!
    I use a LC protein powder for breakfast smoothies a few times a week.

    edit: also found this scary piece:

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    All artificial sweeteners are the devil, for me! Some can tolerate them without any problems. Finding what works for you is the key!
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    If you're having problems with weight loss, blood sugar, sugar cravings, or random neurological stuff, quit drinking them (and anything else with those sweeteners) and see if the problem resolves itself.
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    My experience with protein shakes is identical to what @auntstephie321 wrote.
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    I am using Isopure Zero Carb when I travel on business. Easy to mix up in a bottle in the morning to start my day and then I can usually skip lunch. I do have to be careful with this as the Isopure Zero Carb is very high in protein.

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    I am one of the lucky ones that doesn't often get cravings for things - I don't have trigger foods or anything. I use the Atkins bars occasionally (if they fit), and I also use their frozen dinners for work if I don't have leftovers available. I don't love that I'm eating the processed food, but I have to do what fits and works - and keeps me on plan. So far I haven't noticed any issues with it. Also, I don't use their "net" carb labeling - I record the "actual" amount of carbs in my diary. I used to eat a lot of the bars/snacks because yum, but I have found that a box or two lasts me a month or two now (instead of a week). I like to take the bars that are candy-bar like to the movies with me. That way I feel like I have a special treat like everyone else. Works. Maybe it's not perfect, but it's good enough for this girl :)
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    Although I prefer meals made from whole foods, I do buy the Atkins shakes and have them as a meal replacement on occasion. These keep me satisfied longer than a homemade shake with whey protein isolate. (I was thinking that the next time I make a whey protein shake I might add a whole egg to it.) The Atkins shakes are made with a dairy protein blend which takes longer to digest.

    That said, cottage cheese keeps me satisfied for about the same amount of time, and it is much cheaper. However, the shakes can be convenient.
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    my guts can't take the sugar alcohols, just kills me so I avoid them and the bars altogether. I'm experimenting with erythritol this week. Says it doesnt effect people like most sugar alcohols and has an even lower glycemic effect than xylitol. has a cooling effect aftertaste is the worst I've heard but I wanted to have something else beside stevia in case I did want to cook some of the recipes I read on pinterest. Wish I could do the meal replacement bars somedays, quick and easy!
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    They trigger my cravings terribly. :( If they don't bother you and are helping, by all means continue using them!
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    I'm like you @kmn118 I am still kinda new to this WOE and I purchase the shakes and "sweets" from Atkins and Russell Stover sugar free. I've found they are just sweet enough and still satisfy. I drink and eat way fewer now than I did but I can't put a finger on why exactly, I just do. I never used them as a meal because I still felt hungry but use them as a satisfier for a want for sweet. I think it's all in my head because I used to eat lots of sweets. I don't find myself craving them the way I have craved salt before but it's like a "I should eat this because I used to eat this" or "it will make me feel good to indulge" kinda thing. Not sure that makes any sense. I can't imagine eating, say a Hershey Bar or any kind of Little Debbie Cake. I think the sugar overload would kill me. So, until I get out of my own head about needing sweets I'll keep them around.
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    I have them daily at work for a snack and love them...especially the French vanilla and milk chocolate. Artificial sweeteners haven't bothered me.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I have muscle milk light on hand for "emergencies".
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    Atkins shakes have not been loaded up with sugar alcohols like the other Atkins products, so I have them once in a while. They have 2 total carbs.
  • kmn118
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    Shakes are the only Adkins product I use, mainly because of the sweet factor and convenience, too. However, I am seeking out recipes for the LCHF woe to make this a sustainable way of life since I know my body is "allergic" to starchy carbs.

    Since clearing out the pantry of prepackaged things and pastas, I have been debating on giving them to my son... I mean, if I don't want to eat them, should I make them available to him? On the other hand, he still buys that crap. LOL what to do?