Low Carb Picnic Ideas

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Hi friends!

My friend is having a birthday picnic at the beach on Saturday and I was wondering what are your favourite picnic foods?

Obviously sandwiches are out of the question but I won't have access to much in the way of food storage. I really don't want to carry a cooler around. A tupperware container, sure but I know there will be lots of walking to get down to the beach so I don't want to lug one around.

So far I was thinking meat/cheese roll ups or some nuts. We will be at the beach for a big part of the day so I may have to bring multiple things.

Anyways, I'm rambling. What are your favourite picnic friendly low carb foods?


  • KnitOrMiss
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    bacon is another good one that tolerates room temp safely. But yes on the roll ups, but also use cream cheese or something. Maybe a small beach back, and some frozen fat bombs (or a frozen water bottle) in one container to keep stuff cooler? I love my bell pepper strips, dipped into ranch dip, french onion, or smeared with pate... You can also crisp up cheese crisps, and spread any manner of fatty toppings on them. I also tend to bring some heavy cream (double cream) in a bottle and use that to top off my meal so that I can go 12 hours without needing to eat again. Plenty of pickles, too. Exertion on the beach leaves my electrolytes tanked... Or homemade keto-ade "packets?"
  • ladipoet
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    Deviled eggs, egg salad, tuna salad, cheese & nut balls, pork rinds, hard-boiled eggs, fauxtato salad (using cauliflower), LC macaroni salad (using miracle noodles), baked cheese instead of chips, nuts, cheese sticks or cubes, salami, pepperoni, jerky, etc.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Appreciate the advice!

    @KnitOrMiss I didn't think about the electrolyte issue. I will definitely pack some pickles to munch on. And make sure to take my magnesium supplement.

    I will be carrying a backpack, but maybe I can carry one other bag for beach stuff/food. I just don't want to be lugging too much stuff with me.

    Thanks ladies!