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Recently I joined WW because my sister convinced me. I was at a low point after gaining 15 pounds. I had thyroid cancer and now I don't, but I have half a thyroid and my numbers aren't optimal for me. I literally went a year struggling with severe hunger and not being able to lose weight. So, when I found out I had cancer I ate two pillow cases (halloween) of candy and gained some weight back. I had lost a total of 93lbs and now i'm down 82lbs from my original highest point 6 year ago. I have a real goal of wanting to lose 20 more pounds before my birthday. Then rewarding myself with something. I think that is realistic. I stopped logging on MFP for a while but i'm back. I feel more in control. However, WW helped me realize I wasn't eating the right things. This is just my mini-story of how I found my way here.
Right now i'm doing both. How has that worked for any of you?


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    Hi there! Thank you for sharing your experiences, and congrats on finding your way back to "self-care". I'm a WW at goal lifetime member and totally see the benefits of tracking SmartPoints values AND calories via MFP. SPVs definitely get you picking healthier foods, and over time you learn how to eat more balanced. MFP gives you nutrient specific goals, which is the next step with respect to long-term success. Just be careful not to make the tracking process so cumbersome that you stop doing it. Best of luck to you!