Eating patterns: WW SPVs versus MFP tracking

angel157A Posts: 17 Member
Has any WW member changed any aspect of their eating patterns now that you're tracking with MFP? I'm curious to know what you've noticed, especially from long-term WW members.


  • MichelleP31
    MichelleP31 Posts: 15 Member
    I'm not a long term WW member so I'm not sure if you are interested in my answer. MFP does change my eating patterns with WW. I am more aware of my carbs, sodium, potassium, protein and fat. My nutrition is definitely not optimal but it is better because of MFP. If I were tracking with WW alone, I'd probably eat way too many 0 point foods to lose weight. And I'd eat more junk food that I found for few points.
  • angel157A
    angel157A Posts: 17 Member
    Thank you MichelleP31. Your comment about 0 points value foods is insightful. I am noticing my portions for these foods, and also for protein are more appropriate (smaller) now that I have a budgeted # of calories. Will have to pay more attention to treats as well in light of what you'very shared.
  • danaberge
    danaberge Posts: 117 Member
    I have found that I eat much more fruit being a WW member. I feel that I can reach for that - still go over my sugar and carbs - and lose weight. It's healthier for ME. I find that the fruit gives my hair and skin a healthier glow. I do aim to stay under a certain calorie goal on MFP with the fruit. However, i'm always over on carbs sugar and fiber. I'm losing weight. I also eat up to 2200 calories some days, but because of walking I have been managing to still lose weight. I find that the freedom to over-indulge on fruit comes in handy with my eating addiction and goal of losing weight and staying healthy. Good luck.
  • dianne1954205
    dianne1954205 Posts: 3 Member
    I am allowed 30 smartpoints daily, how many calories is that on mfp confused on how to track
  • ttnozawa
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    @dianne1954205 SPs don't convert to calories the same. You can have a 200 call of protein for 2 SPs and 200 cal of ice cream that is 6 SP.
  • blackviking14
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    I just joined WW for the first time. I've been a MFP user for years and managed to lose a lot of weight in the past. I've found WW far more generalized and confusing. I like the accuracy of MFP. It felt like cheating to eat a 0 point bowl of pineapple because I know there are calories there.
  • mccraee
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    on ww you can really overdo the 0 point fruit. But I think it is a smart way to balance things, too. If I don't feel like eating an apple then I'm probably not really hungry.
  • mccraee
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    Also, I'm currently double tracking and find that ww 30 points just fits my mfp calorie allotment to lose 1/2 pound per week