Hypoglycemia‎ after Gastric Bypass

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Hi everyone, I am nearly 3 weeks post-op and have since had major issues with Hypoglycemia‎ and fainting.

Has anyoneelse experienced this post-op and what do you do to manage it? I am literally afraid to go out for a walk or do any exercise without someone with me just in case I faint. Last time I fainted a few days ago I woke up on the floor of the freezer aisle in the grocery store with my husband sat on the floor next to me holding my head up.

Its getting rediculous, simple tasks like vacuming the house is enough to make me drop. I make sure to have some sort of food with me whenever I go out just in case I start to feel woozy but it doesnt seem to help everytime.. I just dont know what to do because up until the point I start to feel faint, I feel great, have loads of energy. I want to go back to the gym.. what do you suggest?


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    Three weeks post-op is still during a period of heavy recovery. I was walking at that point, but it winded me to even walk down to the end of my street corner. Granted, I had sleeve surgery and not bypass, but it's probably safe to say you should definitely not be pushing a vacuum. I was told that even having my then-5-year-old son crawl on my lap was a no-no for at least 6 weeks.

    My advice? SLOW DOWN. You just had major surgery. Give yourself some recovery time. You are still adjusting to what you can and how you eat now, and your body probably still hasn't even fully shed post-op shock. And if you haven't followed up with your physician, I would highly recommend you do so. Fainting is very likely a red flag that you are doing too much, too quickly.
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    Purchase glucose tablets at any local pharmacy and carry them with you. You do not need a prescription for these.
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    So you're testing your bg and you're sure it's hypoglycemia?

    If you're suddenly much lower carb than before surgery, you could be going through keto flu. That's an electrolyte imbalance and sugar won't help. G2 gatorade or Powerade zero. You could just be too low on sodium. If you're doing 30-60g per day in carbs, you're in ketosis. Ketosis means you'll shed a LOT more sodium. You'll need to add sodium to your diet, either with salty water or just some OTC sodium tabs.

    Just make sure it's hypoglycemia. It can be just that you're doing too much too soon, as CM suggested. It could be a lot of things, some of them easy to fix. And if you haven't told your doctor, you *really* need to do that too.