A surprise and the scale is a deceitful b*

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So I've been totally stalled AND gaining weight. I've keto for almost a year and have lost almost 70 lbs but in the last few weeks my moving average has been going up for the first time since I started. I haven't been ready to throw in the towel but was definitely starting to question All The Things! Do I need to look at lepton? Fewer carbs (I'm 20-30g 95% of the time)? Less protein? Fewer calories? That last one would be brutal as I've already been having a hard time at 1500.

Today I saw my holistic nutritionist and I found out that in 6 weeks I've gained half a pound but dropped from 30 to 27% body fat...meaning I've gained almost 8 pounds of muscle. My bmr has gone from 1650 to 1800 (no wonder I've been hungry!!!)

So anyone who tells me keto will waste muscle can kiss my you-know-what.

So trust the process and your body and ignore that stupid scale!!!


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    Wow, that's great! Though I didn't think it was possible to gain that much muscle that fast! From what I understand, none of the tests measure just muscle but lean body mass/fat-free mass vs body fat, so some of it might be water, etc. It's still good news though and a great encouragement to all of us that the scale doesn't tell the full story!
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    I admit that I take some of it as measurement error because I agree it seems sort of high but I prefer water to fat!

    Sunny_Bunny - I thought so much about your photos while I was struggling with the scale number! That along with the experiences others have with lost inches kept me from giving up completely...but it was starting to play with my head in a big way!
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    So exactly right there too. It seems like when I notice no change on the scale for a couple weeks, that's when I notice changes in my body. I had recently bought the next size down in shorts and now they are loose. So I tried on my daughter's and they were tight but I could get them on. I feel like there's something about shifting down in size that doesn't reflect on the scale.