Weight gain??!!

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Feeling upset b/c I had a 2.5 lb gain this week. I am exactly 4wks post of VSG, and have not had over 550 calories any day this past week. I do know that I'm only getting about 1/2 of the water I'm supposed to, but don't see how I could have gained! I'm really going to focus on water this week.......Please tell me this will pass.


  • cmchandler74
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    You're in the most common stall period (almost everyone hits one 3-4 weeks post-op). Your body is likely still trying to shed the fluids you were given during surgery, and you are still recovering. The scale will start moving again. In the meantime, grab a tape measure. It's very likely that even while your weight is fluctuating a bit, you are still losing mass. Hang in there, and keep sipping! It's so hard, but getting in your water will help flush those IV fluids on out.
  • meltinglbs
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    I knew about stalls, but really didn't expect a gain.....especially this soon. It's annoying, but I will keep on pushing fluids. I don't know why it's so hard for me to sip all day. Thanks for your response!
  • rpyle111
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    If you don't get fluids in, the body may start holding o to what it can. That's one reason fluids are super important.
  • amyk0202
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    I had a really hard time sipping all day in the beginning as well. I set my phone to go off every 15 minutes & I would drink a couple ounces of water at each alarm.
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    Also remember that women do tend to fluctuate a plus or minus 1 or so pounds just because we are women and such. As others have said, grab that tape measure because inches also count as a loss even when not having the poundage to back that up.

    Stalls are normal, no reason to freak out yet. I would say, however, that after next week, if still not dropping, followup with your physician office and express your concern, and have them reevaluate you from there.

    Also, to avoid a trip to the ED for dehydration, try to force that water. Even if flavored with like crystal light or even powerade zero, try to get that in. That will help.
  • NicoleL874
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    WATER! This weekend I ate well, I was active (camped), and came home to a 3lb increase. I didn't drink nearly enough and I knew it. I'm not sweating it. I'm pushing the fluids this week and no it'll go down, if not show a loss.