Working through back issues

texstorm Posts: 158 Member
I'm 49 and dealing with a chronic spasm in my thoracic spine area. Spinal column is in very good shape, it's just the muscles in that part of my back go into spasms and take months to stop once they've started. I'm seeing a physical therapist twice a week and that's helping (along with the exercises she's given me) but I'm curious if anyone else has dealt with a similar issue and what you have done that's helped.


  • Chillipants
    Chillipants Posts: 23 Member
    I get the spasms in my lower back, it flared in September and finally got back to normal February
  • Dead_Mans_Party
    Dead_Mans_Party Posts: 891 Member
    I'll swear to acupuncture. Anytime I get back pain, neck pain or spasms acupuncture has been the saving grace every time.