More room at the end of the day?

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I am just shy of a year out from RNY and coming very close to a normal BMI for my height. I have been working out 4-10 hours a week (cardio and strength) since the beginning of January...which includes adding quite a few running miles in the last couple of months.

So, I totally expected it when I started experiencing more hunger. I'm surprised, however, that I feel like my pouch holds more at the end of the day than the beginning. Even if I eat slowly, I have a harder time getting to feeling of satiety.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Although my weight loss has slowed significantly--again, totally expected--I'm still losing so I know that I'm not taking in too many calories. There are days when I'm probably getting less than I should though.


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    Is there a difference at the end of the day with the density of your food. To answer your question. I don't believe I can hold more at different times of the day. At home, which is where I eat most diners I use my food scales so I never test the volume. It took me 13-14 months to get to a 'normal' BMI for my height. I was doing cardio every day and one day my BMI wasn't normal and the next day it was. In trying to learn maintenance I lost an additional 10 pounds, Congratulations your success.
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    Could it be related to your workout routine? I know whenever I have a really strong workout, the only thing that will help me feel full is heavy protein foods like chicken or beef. My go-to post-heavy workout meal has become chicken with sauteed broccoli slaw or zoodles just to get rid of that hunger post-workout.
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    @loveshoe you could have a point. I think that I've been eating too much yogurt and cottage cheese pudding. They are very good for managing my sweet tooth, but those soft things are going to pass through pretty quickly.

    @cmchandler74 I'm pretty sure that I'm NOT consistently eating enough solid proteins--combined with the above, sounds like a recipe for hunger. I need to revisit this. I am turning in some pretty intense workouts these days...65km this week!

    I'm going to experiment a bit with proportions of solid proteins to vegetables and other foods and see how it goes over the next few weeks.
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    Have you re-adjusted your macros to meet your workouts. Because you should do that. If you aren't, then your pouch isn't the problem, it's your nutrition.

    I started using baseline macros with exercise add-backs in January, because I was having a similar issue. Changing to variable macros based on my workouts fixed the issue. Between the macro change, sticking closely to my original ketogenic diet, and using IF (Intermittent Fasting), I'm feeling fine, my workout performance is astounding, and I'm seeing a lot of physical improvements.
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    @ki4eld...I don't log my food intake. I know, I know! It just doesn't rank in my priorities and I managed to get here okay with the framework I've outlined for myself.

    I don't think there is a problem with my pouch--thought I do think it has matured and I haven't adjusted my volume accordingly to my capability or the mileage that I've been logging.

    I found it curious that I was satiated with a lower volume of food in the morning than the evening. This could also be connected to the fact that I am generally working out in the morning and my appetite is suppressed for a few hours after so anything I eat is very satisfying.

    Since my original post, and with some of the insight, I have been paying better attention to what is happening when I'm feeling extra hungry at night. There are two things standing out: 1) I definitely wasn't eating enough solid protein. 2) Any disruption to my routine wreaks havoc. Awareness will bring correct most of it.

    Thanks everyone for the input. It so wonderful to have a supportive community with so many experiences.

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    I'm almost 17 months out and often times my pouch can hold more at the end of the day than it can in the mornings.