Week 1 Weigh Ins! (6/24 - 6/30)

tiffanylacourse Posts: 2,984 Member
Post your week one weigh ins here!


  • tiffanylacourse
    tiffanylacourse Posts: 2,984 Member
    edited June 2016
    SW: 181
    Week 1: 179.4 (-1.6 lbs!) :joy::mrgreen:

    GW for challenge: 151
    UGW: 135

    Goals for this week:
    - 10k steps per day
    - eat at or below calorie goal every day
  • lorrikooten
    lorrikooten Posts: 66 Member
    SW: 171
    CW: 166
    GW: 135

    Goals: Get my 10,000+ steps this week!
    No junk food, 1200 calories, no soda!
  • Lopercm
    Lopercm Posts: 1 Member
    A little late to the challenge.

    10000 steps
    1600 Calorie Diet
  • jessscott456
    jessscott456 Posts: 2 Member
    GW:260 (short term for this challenge end goal weight is 170)

    Goals for this week is to cut back on sugar, drink plenty of water, and start exercising daily.
  • FitVegetarian14516
    FitVegetarian14516 Posts: 39 Member
    SW: 188
    SW w/ challenge: 156
    CW: 155.2
    GW: 135
    GW2: 125
  • Brandi_Allison
    Brandi_Allison Posts: 20 Member
    After week one:

    SW: 217
    CW: 216
    GW: 187
    UGW: 160-170

    -Drink lots of water
    -At least 6,000 steps a day (I have a desk job, so it's pretty difficult to get 10,000. I would like to though!)
    -Workout at least 5 days; 30 minute minimum
    -Be under my daily calorie goal every day
    -Try to make 1 new healthy recipe
  • SassyMommasaurus
    SassyMommasaurus Posts: 380 Member
    SW: 262
    CW: 246.3
    GW: 216
    UGW: 150-140
  • sallynewberry
    sallynewberry Posts: 8 Member
    SW: 193
    GW: 180

    Since this is my first week my goals are to get below my daily calorie allotment and to walk or ride my bike each night (weather permitting).
  • _zombiegirl_
    _zombiegirl_ Posts: 79 Member
    Starting weight: 239
    Week #1: 238 (-1)
    Challenge goal: 209

    Goals this week:
    - 1 gallon of water per day
    - at least two 20-minute workouts
  • scubasunny22
    scubasunny22 Posts: 4 Member
    Starting weight as of today: 225
    Goal Weight for Challenge: 195

    Goals this week:

    Exercise 3x 30 minutes using Couch to 5K App
    Stick with new meal replacement shake and accompanying recommendations
  • jjalbertt
    jjalbertt Posts: 98 Member
    I just started this challenge so I don't have a weigh in to post. However I can post my goals!

    SW: 210
    GW: 180
    Overall goal weight is 120/130.

    For this week's goals:
    Ride my bike to work everyday (if weather premits).
    Replace unhealthy snacking with drinking different types of tea.
  • jennofbcj
    jennofbcj Posts: 5 Member
    This will just be my starting weight today bc I will be gone this Friday. My first weigh in will be July 8.

    SW 176.4
    CW 176.4
  • ChiaGnome
    ChiaGnome Posts: 179 Member
    Hi all! I hope this is a group open to the public and I'm not too late to join. I used to be about 220 lbs and dropped to 153. Since the fall, I've gained 10 of those lbs back. My goal weight is somewhere around 140 (I'm 5'5" ans 28 years old). Here's my stats:

    SW: 220
    CW: 162
    GW: 140

    I'm really looking forward to kicking it into gear!

    Best of luck to everyone, I know we can do it!
  • cynbet69
    cynbet69 Posts: 615 Member
    Sw 242
  • MsArriabella
    MsArriabella Posts: 466 Member
    Oops, I forgot to actually join the group! Better late than never here is my week 1 weigh-in :)

    SW: 203.6 6/20/16
    CW: 199.8 6/24/16
    Challenge GW: 170
    Ultimate GW: 135
  • katherine_startrek_fan
    katherine_startrek_fan Posts: 425 Member
    Late joiner as well!

    SW: 248
    GW: 233
    UGW: 160-170

    At this point, I'm hoping to lose at an average of around 1/2 a pound per week over the course of my full weight loss journey. Obviously will likely lose the early pounds faster, but want to try to set good expectations so that I don't get too frustrated when my weight loss slows down!

    Goal for the week is to resume exercise at a minimum of 30 minutes per days, five days per week.
  • hollydanos
    hollydanos Posts: 2 Member
    Late Join!! I got down to 135 two years ago and gained it all back. Ready to start over and maintain my weigh loss this time!

    SW: 192.2
    GW: 150
    UGW: 120
  • pinksugarchef
    pinksugarchef Posts: 5 Member
    I am late joining, hope that is ok. I really want to try and get control of my portion size/calorie count over the next week and drink my water.
    SW: 210.5
    GW: 180.5
    UGW: 120
  • MommaLovesToLoseIt
    MommaLovesToLoseIt Posts: 271 Member
    HI my stats are as follows
    Original starting weigh: 355
    Current weight: 248
    Goal weight December 31: 199

    I know that the idea was 30 pounds, but I really want to hit onederland by the New Year. Looking forward to it!
  • twobirdperch
    twobirdperch Posts: 33 Member
    SW: 157
    CW: 141
    GW: 125

    I ran my first 5k this past weekend, and I just signed up for another. My goals are to keep training for my next race, keep a calorie deficit, and continue my intermittent fasting.