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Good Morning!

I am starting a low carb lifestyle on Tuesday with my husband and 2 adult kids. I am not really sure what to set my MFP goal settings at? Someone told me 5% carbs, 75% fat and 20% protein but I am not sure about those numbers. I plan on sticking mostly to protein and vegetables but would like to have some fruit.

Any advice is much appreciated!


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    I'm curious about this too. I try to have no to almost no grain items, but vegetables and fruits are carbs as well and show up in the MFP carb percentage. I have lots of vegetables and some fruits, so I certainly have a higher carb percentage than 5%, but I'd like to know what levels people strive for.
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    My breakdown at the end of the day comes to about 7% carb, 22% protein and 71% fat. This works very well for me. But on the app itself, mine is set to 10%/25%/65%

    But, my goal is to stay in ketosis. So that requires for me to eat only 30-35 net carbs per day (total carbs - fiber = net carbs -- at least in the US). For protein, I try to get at least 70-80 grams, with more being fine. Fat I eat until I'm full. The main fruits I eat are avocado, olives and raspberries with some lemon in my water.
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    Those are Keto macros, and if that is your goal then those are fine numbers to aim for. You didn't indicate though if you just want to go "low carb" versus Keto, so first I'd have a read of this article and give it some thought, where you want to start out on the honestly pretty broad landscape of Low Carb. You can always adjust and tweak things as you go :)
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    Great article @Phrick! It helped. I think I am going to start with low carb.
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    Tappy44 you will soon fine that vegetables and fruit have a lot of carbs and you do need to watch how much protein you take in, even though from what I have read it is hard to get too much protein. I found this article helpful when I first started maybe this will also help you. Good luck on your journey.