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didjulyke your workout today? - checkin thread

canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
::sorry for lame thread title. i'm feeling impatient::

and bouncy. did 85lb bench for 3's week - BARELY. i've never come so close to missing a bench rep as i did with that third one but i did it. IT SUCKED. and did 85lb squats, which was lighter than i thought i was meant to be but w/e. it went fine and i got 5 on the final set so i feel like this is a good groove for right now.

new thing 1: one-arm waiter carries. i'm going to be doing these now as maintenance every time between my bench sets (prolly keep the band pulls as general warmup and/or for maintenance on ohp days). went right handed heading out because that's the shoulder that feels normal, left handed coming back trying to match the same feel. they totally rocked for putting my shoulders 'right' and letting me keep my scapula under control when i came back to the bench. i love them . . . the honeymoon will probably wear off like with everything else, but rn they are the cure to all that ails me.

new thing 2: turkish getup. mr t has them as one of his two 'monthly challenges' for july and i never have been able to do them. but again, this is a bomb move for control and 'organization' and mr squats has never done them either. so who would pass up the chance to get actual tgu coaching, right? session ended with me and mr squats both rolling around on the floor for 20 minutes or so and managing not to kick each other in the face. either they're making sense to me now or i am WAY stronger in all the little 'real form' controlling muscles groups than i used to be. i got better and better as it went on and did at least three on each side.

10/10 recommend on both moves. they both left me feeling BETTER when they were done, the way physio or chiro or a massage is meant to.


  • badnoodle
    badnoodle Posts: 216 Member
    SL A for me today.
    SQ: 5x45/65, 5x5x90
    BP: 5x45, 5/5/3/5/5x65
    BR: 5x5x65

    Positively crushed the rows. I was in a corner, so I got a very good view of my form, which helped a lot.
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    Love the thred title!! :D

    Well done on the tgu. I keep meaning to give them a go and you inspire me to finally do so :cold_sweat:
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    Options Tgu. Will try another time!!

    Did 2x Hiit sessions and 10x10 BP @ 30kgs plus 10x10 rows at 30kgs. Followed by a few mins of ab work.

    Have a good weekend everyone x
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    So I went to the gym today to retry yesterday's workout.

    My squat rose up to 130 lbs (posted a video) and I was told that I need to go deeper so I put a fail in the app and will work on my depth.

    Bench was a struggle again and I got the deload message to go down to 60lbs for 3x5. It really sucks but I will go down and work on it because 70lbs is really hard for me.

    Rows were at 70lbs as well and I have a feeling these will go the way of the bench. I am trying to do the explosive movement when I do the rows but can only get three reps in before my form starts getting *kitten*.

    Non-SL day tomorrow - maybe I will go for a walk or something.

    Going biking with my friends today. Have to ride a tandem with one of them because she doesn't really know how to ride a bike lol. We are 28...I told her she needs to pedal or else I'm leaving her. Don't need a Mr. Smithers/Mr. Burns situation here haha
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    I told her she needs to pedal or else I'm leaving her.


  • fanncy0626
    fanncy0626 Posts: 7,152 Member
    canadianlbs thanks for starting the thread! I love the title!

    Stronglifts rest day

    Kettlebell Swing
    GobletSquats- 3X5X35
    Russian Kettlebell swing- 19X7X35
  • klrenn
    klrenn Posts: 245 Member
    edited July 2016
    I love the title too! Though I did not like my workout today. Squats. Think I may drop the power sets from now on - lower weight and increase volume and frequency...sigh.
  • ninenines
    ninenines Posts: 197 Member
    I love the thread title! And I did like my workout today. As I mentioned in the last post of the June thread, I'm repeating week three of this Wendler cycle to align it better with my menstrual cycle. Who knows if it will make any difference. I'm not sure if I notice any strength differences, but I definitely notice the hunger differences between follicular and luteal phases.

    Squat Day, Week 3, Take 2
    Main: Squat
    Warm up sets, then 5@33kg, 3@38kg, 6@42kg (one more rep from last week)
    Assistance 1: Deadlift
    5x10 at 40kg
    Assistance 2: Hip Thrust
    5x10 at 50kg
    Superset with Dumbbell Bicep Curl
    5x8 each arm at 7kg (two more reps from last week)
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    Had a very enjoyable 2 hours in the gym today.

    SQ 5X5 @70kgs
    OHP 5X5 @25kgs
    DL 1X5@80kgs

    Plus some (loads) of kettlebell swings and push presses, some lat pull downs and some abs work.

    Made yummy tuna and courgette fritters for post workout lunch and now collapsed on the sofa.

    I may feel it tomorrow... Thankfully a rest day is planned!
  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    Man, I loved the gym today, too. Just a good day for it, I think!

    I did:

    Lunges with rear foot raised, with 2 8kg dumbbells - 8/8/12/12
    Single dumbbell push press: 8/8/12/12 with 8kg dumbbell
    Single arm pull down: 8/8/12/10 @ 16.25kg
    Then some hip raises: 10/10/10/10

    I'm still following the Nia Shanks workout and I've actually just signed up to a six month online programme she's doing. It's only £40 or so, so not a huge thing if I don't follow through! But I like her stuff, and it's something new. I will try to make sure I keep up bigger, compound lifts, though.
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    Worked on squat depth today doing goblet squats because the gym by my mom's house only has a Smith machine.

    They also only have the EZ bars but I practiced some rows and OHP at a much lighter weight to get some practice in.

    I am trying to get better at skipping rope because we do it at my cardio kickboxing class and I suck at it big time. I 'double jump' and if the rope is too long for me, I trip over it. I think I'm going to try to find a shorter rope and practice over the summer so when my sessions resume in the fall, I can skip one minute without stopping.
  • DawnEmbers
    DawnEmbers Posts: 2,451 Member
    Thanks everyone. I'm mostly doing cardio right now as it's nice to move around some. Not much to do in small town wyoming but that's okay. Good to be with family.
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    in my day so far:

    - do turkish getups off and on all morning. drink water.
    - drink more water, pack waterbottle with icecubes and bcaa mix, prepare pannier.
    - one-hand-waiter-carry pannier bag down stairs and round back to bike house.
    - ride bike down big rock candy mountain and then across-ways to 'work'.
    - furtively pee on deserted fire hydrant (i had to).
    - ride bike back across-ways
    - ride bike UP big rock candy mountain.
    - empty water bottle.
    - eat big rock candy mountain.
    - go home.

    i meant to lift and didn't lift and may still get a brain storm and go and do it. but oy, there are some fml segments in that ride back up the hill towards home.
  • Lisa_Ookoo
    Lisa_Ookoo Posts: 134 Member
    Yesterday I did a 14 mile (round trip) hike to Mt Wilson. It took us 5 hours going up and 3 hours coming down. I was so sore today I could barely move but forced myself to do my SL5X5 lifts. Felt much better afterwards.

    Happy Independence Day everyone!

  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    may still get a brain storm and go and do it.

    so, yeah; i did. with 95 minutes left in the day . . . discovered that if you pay 6 bucks for 90 minutes of gym time, you DO stuff in the time that you've bought.

    did my heavy squats for 5/3/1 week. 70/80/90 and got 5 for last set. this makes me really happy i just went with the 5lb deload that mr t somehow came up with on friday, as i'd rather do 5 reps well than do 1 or 2 reps and be clawing my way through them at heavier weight.

    other stuff done:

    more waiter carries. more tgu's, with 8lb kettlebell. let me tell you - i did bodyweight getups all day today and was thinking 'i rock!' pick up that 8 pound bell and it was instant 'oh. oh, so i was maybe i don't rock just yet.'

    'accessory' ohp with 40lb bar. wasn't any way i was going to get 15 reps in each set, but i did do 3x8 so hoping that will pay off when i come to do my heavy sets later on in this week.

    negative chins, with a jump-up from the foot platform of the 'assistance' machine. but no 'assistance'. really happy with my form, symmetry, initial lockout and control on these. i had 4 to do in my add-one-each-time progression but i did 6. started each one by really pulling my chest into/over the handles at the top, and then holding isometrically for a few seconds before i released and began to descend.

  • ninenines
    ninenines Posts: 197 Member
    Sounds like you are making good progress on the chins @canadianlbs

    Bench Day, Week 3, Take 2
    Main: Bench
    Warm up sets, then 5@27kg, 3@30kg, 7@35kg (one more rep from last week)
    Assistance 1: OHP
    5x10 at 15kg
    Superset with Standing Calf Raise
    5x10 at 20kg
    Assistance 2: Chin-ups
    10x5 with 3 assistance bands. These are feeling easier, didn't need as much rest between sets.
  • kimiuzzell
    kimiuzzell Posts: 611 Member
    Superb work, Canadian!!

    After my Gym session yesterday, I am most definitely suffering today. Stairs are not my friend!

    But....gotta love DOMS really!!
  • spritey86
    spritey86 Posts: 70 Member
    Squats 5x5 @ 60kg
    OHP 5x5 @ 25kg
    Deadlift 2x5 @ 75kg

    Need to get gloves - Deadlifting ripped my hands :(
    Went to do some accessory work and then realised the gym was shut... oops. Overstayed my welcome by 20 mins. Oh well, at least it was quiet.
  • fanncy0626
    fanncy0626 Posts: 7,152 Member
    Stronglifts Workout A

    Squats- 1X5X 55/65/75/85, 5X5X 90
    BP- 1 X5X 55/65/75, 5X5X 80
    BR-5X5X 80

    Kettlebell Swing

    Russian kettle bell swing-22X 10 X 30

    Walk 1,000 Miles Challenge

    5 miles
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    I took a deload in my squat to work on form. I widened my stance and turned my toes out - tried to get down more past parallel. Still needs some work.

    Workout B:

    Squat at 75lbs - 5x5 - I am going to stay at this weight for a few more sessions - try to really get the form down. Then I will move up to 80lbs.

    OHP at 45 lbs - 5x5 - but it was tough so I am going to do the same weight next time. Maybe add in one more set.

    Deadlift at 125lbs - I got one rep in...and then I couldn't pull the rest. I called it a day after that - I have been tired the past few days.

    Tomorrow is non-SL. The gym has a new Stairmaster which I may attempt...only out of curiosity though haha.