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    button of all buttons, but i am a fool. sometimes it works out for you though.

    basically, i went in with this fixed idea that i still had my 80lb bench to do for 5's week since i failed it a few days ago. the logic was good (cramming 5's week and 3's week for bench into a single week, as widely spaced as it gets). but the execution . . . well, um.

    bottom line: i got my 5's for bench at 60/70/80, finally, so i feel i can safely (at least try to) move up. and i got 5's instead of 3's for squat, at 75/85/95. and here i was trailing home feeling sad because even though i got my 'minimum' (so i thought), the last reps weren't what you'd want to describe as pretty.

    point is, i'm on track. also did waiter carries with 10lb spacer plate, one or two tgu's with 9lb kettlebell (wowwwww, and also squat shoes are not the things to do them in if you have trouble with the leg sweep), side planks here and there to try and turn on my core for the squats, and the usual collection of stuff aimed at retracting and stabilizing my shoulderblades using the cable pulldown. and then one-sided suitcase carries just in the process of doing various things with my stuffed-full-of-stuff pannier. so it was a sloppy kind of workout, but i'm pretty convinced that i worked.

    also, me plus my water bottle PLUS my bladder weighed just a hair under 140 when i walked in today. that might not sound like much except i had 3 cups of smoothie followed by at least 3 of water/creatine before i left home.
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    So I'm not smart enough to transfer the app info here.

    Squats 5x5 @ 55 lbs
    Ohp 2x5 @ 45, 4 @ 45, 4 @ 50, 5 @ 40
    Deadlift 1x5 @ 95

    So I had the squat rack for squats and 3 of the Ohp, then walked away and lost it. Finished up with fixed weight bars. Actually used the right area for deadlift too.

    Worried about going up on squat weight. App says bench will go up to 47, so does that mean 1 lb plates each side? All I've seen are 2.5 lbs. And deadlift with 25 lb plates each side of regular bar is 95, right? It seemed too easy.

    Did short warmup on rowing machine and was better. Planning for Tuesday, so hopefully that goes ok since I took 2 rest days this time.
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    Worried about going up on squat weight. App says bench will go up to 47, so does that mean 1 lb plates each side? All I've seen are 2.5 lbs.

    There's another post on here about fractional plates. I just saw it yesterday. My gym doesn't have these either, so I decided to buy them on Amazon. There are some homemade options too, but that's the solution to increasing at smaller increments.
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    Good workout today - OHP gave me the same weight as last time in the app even though I didn't fail last time. By the time I noticed it I was on set 4 but no worries because it was HARD. I don't know how I'll go up 5lbs next time. Deadlift also finally felt really heavy.

    Squat: [email protected], [email protected]
    OHP: [email protected]
    Deadlift [email protected]
    Plank 1x60sec, 1x30sec, 2x30sec with side reaches
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    i got my deadlifts done for 3's week. except i (again!) forgot it was 3's week until the very last set.

    125x5, 135x5, 155x4. i had to break the last set up into two with a couple breaths' break in between because the bar was getting out of my hands. never had that happen before and tbh i've been pretty trolololol about gripping the bar hard, in all of my lifts. may need to start quitting that. my deadlifts have been kind of sucking for a few weeks and i'm sad about it without yet moving them to the top of my get-this-fixed list.

    shoulda done either rows or pullups as accessory, but i didn't really. two eccentrics and some brief pulldowns, but everything else was waiter carries which are going extremely well. plus 3x12 ohp with 30 pounds, because i'm planning to do the serious weight sometime later this week. i skipped the getups today as i think my shoulders did plenty of work without them.

    went swimming after. and when i say 'swimming' i mean 'crouched in either the lovely cool pool or the lovely warm hot tub with its jacuzzi jets, in both cases up to my neck.'
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    Canadian, that counts as swimming in my book!!
    Yesterday I went to the gym, but as I had lifted on Saturday, I changed my squats a little.

    SQ 3x8 @ 60kgs
    OHP 5/5/5/5/4 @27.5kgs
    DL 2x3 @80 kgs

    Swings 10x13 @ 20kg
    Push presses 10x6 @ 12kgs

    After 2 days back to back, I have woken up with sore shoulders. Rest day today.

    Have a good Monday everyone.
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    I'm back from holidays and absolutely miserable. I don't want to go back to reality LOL

    I lifted while on holidays but I did not do SL. The weights were in KG, I'm horrible at Math, and I just did the lifts but not in the order of the program.

    The app gave me the deload message, which I gladly took. I had already been deloading on my squats to work on depth, so the app took me down to 60 lbs on the squat. I will be working my way back up, but I am definitely determined to get back into shape after all my holiday eating. Gained 3 lbs LOL.

    Squats: 5x5 for 60 lbs.
    OHP: 5/5/5/5/4 for 45 lbs.
    Deadlift: 1x5 for 95 lbs.

  • sbl1881
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    Finally made it to week 2!! One of the trainers was there and looked at my form for the pendlay rows. He helped correct the issues, so hopefully I'll remember the advise when I'm back on Wednesday.

    The deadlifts are going to be toughest for me. I really feel it in my low back. Of course the trainer was gone by the time I started those. That, and some guy decided he needed to move a bench right next to where I was, so I didn't have much room and probably had poor form. Quick reminder why I prefer to go at 7am instead of 11:30am. Less people to annoy me!

    My fractional plates will be delivered today, so I'm looking forward to using those. Yay!!!

    Week 2/Workout B
    Squats: 5x5 @ 45lbs
    OHP: 5x5 @ 35lbs
    Deadlift: 1x5 for @ 75lbs

    Hammer curls: 2x8 @ 10lbs
    Tricep kick backs: 2x8 @ 10lbs
    Straight Arm Ab Twists: 2x8 @ 12lbs
  • fanncy0626
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    Stronglifts Workout B
    Squats-1X5X 55/65/75/85, 5X5X 90
    OHP- 1X5X 45/50/55/60, 5X5X 55
    DL- 1X5X 140

    Kettlebell Swing
    Russian kettle bell swing-20 X 10 X 30

    Walk 1,000 Miles Challenge
    6 miles
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    Hi Everyone! Good to see everyone back!
    I was on vacation and didn't have access to equipment. I got a lot of good walking in and had lots of good food! It's back to reality now!
    When I came back last week, the program recommended that I deload - which, I was happy to do!
    Instead of updating every work out, I'll just start with the last workout.
    It was tough coming back - but, I'm working my way back.

    Week 13 / Workout A/ Total Weeks 13

    Squats - 5x5 @ 170lbs - hard, but I did it!

    Bench Press- 5x5 @ 95lbs - I really rocked it! I surprised myself - don't know where that strength came from! Lol!

    Barbell row - 5x5 @ 115lbs

    I've to a Tue-Thur-Sat schedule and doing my HIIT on Wed and Fri. Thanks to Fanncy0626, I'm going to start Simpke & Sinister Kettlebell routine for my HIIT workout. Elliptical is still available, if I need a break!
    I started practicing these moves today and feel good.

    Well, glad to see everyone.
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    how do mosquitos know when you're JUST on the border of falling asleep, so they can show up making that gneeeeEEEEEEee-eeee noise right next to your ear? it ought to be stopped.

    i got nowhere near enough sleep last night, thanks to that. not the best plan on a post-deadlift night. but i got home fairly fast just because i knew there was more food for me here. plus, i really really really really wanted to get the ride over so i could get into bed. i've been pouring protein down my neck all day long so looking forward to seeing how i feel when i wake up tomorrow.
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    Oh I feel your tiredness, Canadian!

    I did a combat class before work this morning. And now I am struggling to keep going today. No idea why, it is not as though this is my first early morning class! But when the alarm went off at 5.15 this morning, I did think "what the heck??"!!
  • fanncy0626
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    Stronglifts Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Week three, day one, increase the reps from 7 to 10 using the 35 pound kettle bell.
    Goblet squat-3X5X 35
    Russian kettle bell swing-16 X 10 X 35
    I can feel that the kettle bell is heavy especially when I carry it to my workout spot. I can also feel the weight of it when I am doing the goblet squat. I maintain excellent form when I do the Russian kettle bell swing where I have my muscles prepared for the swing. It does not feel heavy during this time however, for the first time ever I am starting to work up a sweat which has not happened before with the lighter weight kettle bell.
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    Fanncy, it's hard to tell if I've done enough when it comes to KB swing. It is only day 2 and my arms are sore. My fitness gadget (polar FT4) showed that I only burned 131 calories doing 20x10x25. It feels a little tiring while swinging but it's over so quickly when only doing 10 reps. I'm afraid to do more than that in case it's too much too soon. But I was hoping to burn at least 250 calories.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Workout A today.

    Still on the deload but working my way up.

    Squat: 5x5 at 65 lbs.
    Bench: 5x5 at 45 lbs.
    Row: 5/5/5/5/4 at 65 lbs. - I don't think this one deloaded because I was at 65 lbs prior to vacation. This one was tough and I don't think I am doing the explosive motion correctly so I will have to work on it. Considering deloading to 60 and then using fractionals. But I haven't gotten fractional plates yet.
  • lwhayes820
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    Week 14/Workout B/ Total Weeks 14

    Squats - 5x5 @ 180lbs. Was a very good lift day for me. It was tough, but doable.

    OHP - 5x5 @ 75lbs. Ladies - I really rocked this! Again, a very good lift day

    Deadlift - 5x5 @ 215lbs!! Yep! I still can't believe it! I wasn't shaky. It went well. I'm going to go ahead and follow the 10 lb increase - but, will likely lower the increment. I do want to try it at 225 first.
  • hoyalawya2003
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    Week 1, day 3, Workout A
    Squats 5x5 65 lbs
    Bench 5x5 50 lbs
    Rows 5x5 55 lbs

    I looked at rows videos today and think my form was better, but still difficult since I am not pulling from floor. Hopefully once I do it'll get easier.

    Still struggling with some pain from the injured shoulder. Going to stick with it as long as it doesn't get worse. Just think it needs to work back up to where it was before.

    And I've been skipping out on cardiovascular this week, but maybe tomorrow...
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    lwhayes820 wrote: »
    Week 14/Workout B/ Total Weeks 14

    Squats - 5x5 @ 180lbs. Was a very good lift day for me. It was tough, but doable.

    OHP - 5x5 @ 75lbs. Ladies - I really rocked this! Again, a very good lift day

    Deadlift - 5x5 @ 215lbs!! Yep! I still can't believe it! I wasn't shaky. It went well. I'm going to go ahead and follow the 10 lb increase - but, will likely lower the increment. I do want to try it at 225 first.

    Wowww! Congrats!
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    On way back to LA. We packed up truck and car this morning with the last bit then drove. Stopping for the night, which is good cause I'm so tired of driving. Too many really long car trips in one month.

    I did lift yesterday. I did the adult thing, and got my car serviced since it was due for oil change and such. The dealership was even able to fix my front license plate so that it's flat again, no extra charge. And since I have around 30 minutes and it was near the gym that used to be closest to the apartment I was living in, went to the gym. It was a very quick bench session but I haven't done bench much as don't like the setup at new gym. Shoulders are a bit sore, plus the awkward long car rides not helping. Didn't get the reps needed but I'm a little out of practice with bench. Need to work on it and get going with this peak cycle.

    Bench press - 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 70, 1x6 @ 80, 1x3, 2x4, 1x3 @ 90 (instead of 4x6)
    face pull - 3x10 @ 45
    cable bicep curl - 3x10 @ 45
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    9+hours' sleep (plus probably the all-day-long protein scarfing) worked wonders for me. at least coming home - it took me an unbelievably fast thirty-nine minutes to get from door to door. psyched myself out on the hill part by sheer fluke :smiley: i'm trying out a system of alternating stand-up-and-mash days with sit-down-and-chug for that hill. so to day was a chug day and i just powered on up it in what i thought was the granny gear. but around 2/3 of the way up i realised i was actually on my middle ring. so i just kept going, and iirc stayed in that ring the whole way. either my pannier was more empty than usual or i really am getting much stronger . . . so far.

    so then i powered straight past home and went to the rec centre to lift. i still had my heavy press work to do for the week, and maybe i gassed myself out a little. i have never done such a not-doing-jack-*kitten* workout before; i went in intending to do 3 reps at 45, 3 at 55, 3+at 65 and come straight home. i was wearing my squishy runners too, big no no.

    didn't go that way. place was mobbed with bench pressers and i couldn't get a rack. the woman's bar was nowhere to be seen. so i did a little waiter carrying and then dived straight into it without even warmups, as soon as i got my hands on a 45 bar. had to pull the bar from the floor, which was okay for 45 and 55, but maybe it psychs me out. for the 65 set i only got one and it was pretty awful looking.

    so i did two eccentric pullups, went for a walk and a sulk, came back, did 6 turkish getups with the 9lb kettlebell in bottoms-up form. got a 45 bar again, added 40 pounds and started doing light-weight deadlifts for form. i did them in sets of 3 or 4 at a time, so it wasn't hypertrophy mode. got a rack with a bar, couldn't help myself, tried again for my 65lb press. i did get two reps that time, then couldn't make up my mind whether that counts as making the workout or not. took the plates off and did some sets of 4 or 5 for form on that too.

    i need to stop shirking on rows. the thing is though, i have two different kinds of foam roller coming in the mail any moment now, AND an electric massage thingy. so i keep thinking 'welp, let me just get those and get to work on all the tight stuff, and in the meantime don't take things too seriously.'

    i'm gonna be sore tomorrow.