How do you manage your macros?

cup_o_jo Posts: 13 Member
Hi all! I had VSG 4/26/16. I am having a hard time getting enough protein or calories or both without getting too much fat. My current goals are 60 grams protein and 700 calories. I'm just hoping for suggestions on what to eat... I currently eat a lot of egg whites, beef jerky, tuna w/light mayo, ground turkey, chicken breast, low fat string cheese, etc...


  • gaining_while_losing
    gaining_while_losing Posts: 96 Member
    I don't worry at all about fat - I eat high protein, and high fat. I surpassed my goal weight and I've lost 175 pounds. My RNY Gastric Bypass was February 10, 2015. In the beginning I just don't worry about anything more than getting in that protein. And my vitamins. As time goes on it gets easier, but in the beginning it's good to supplement with a protein shake a day. I still do that, by the way, and I get in at least 100 grams of protein in every day.

    Good luck.