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I'm 2 days shy of 9 months post-VSG.

So...about a month ago I weaned myself off my acid reducer. Have had ZERO problems. ZERO. Until last night.

Over the weekend, I made braised short ribs. Last night, we ate leftovers. We ate late, and it was WAY TOO SALTY (sat in the fat and pancetta for days) and WAY TOO FATTY. I still ate. Felt fine. Watched TV and went to bed.

An hour after falling asleep, I woke up to my mouth and nose filled with bile. Ran to the bathroom, spit, coughed, hacked, thought I was dying. Wanted to vomit, got down by the toilet as if to vomit, but couldn't vomit. No spams from my stomach. No cramping, no pain, nothing. Just an endless stream of bile. I inhaled some as I woke up gasping. Decided to shower to try and clear myself out. (think nasty, *stuffed* nose) I was feeling SUPER hot, so I hoped the shower would help. It did, somewhat.

Got out of the shower and Mat had gotten pillows from my couch to prop me up. I slept upright all night. Didn't sleep much, but it did settle down enough to sleep for a while. This morning, it's settled somewhat. Still having moments where I feel it in the back of my throat. Also, coughing up some interesting things and having to use my inhaler.

Email into my surgeon's office. I did start my omeprazole again. All liquid and yogurt diet today.

Anyone encounter anything like this?

I'll keep you posted.


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    I'm so sorry!! Sounds horrible, but hopefully now that you're back on omeprazole, things will improve.
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    In my first 6-9 months I would also vomit (while awake) and the sensation is very different from pre-surgery. It's like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube. So I would imagine if you did this in your sleep it would be quite nasty. Have you vomited at any other time? After 9 months my omeprazole prescription was done so I started having severe stomach pain about a week later. They put me back on it and I tried to wean off slowly. That didn't work so at my 1 year last month they added an H2 Blocker which I now alternate with the omeprazole. I'm hoping to be off omeprazole in the next couple of months. Knowing what causes the problem is half the battle. I don't get sick nearly as often now and have learned what to stay away from for foods. Good luck!! I hope your Dr can shed some light.
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    @RENAEJAE Thanks for your response. This is the first time since *just* after surgery that I've had any issue. I've been so incredibly lucky. I think that's why this was so much scarier, too. I've not vomited at all. Even the other night, it was pure bile just invading my esophagus. Laying down, it made its way into my nose and mouth. It was weird, I couldn't even really get a cough out. Scared the bejeezus out of my boyfriend. Weird wheezing, hacking noises as I scrambled out of bed. Even when I was awake and upright, there was no spasming or tightness in my stomach. The sphincter muscle just did not close allowing everything to flow upward.

    I had been on omeprazole for the first 7 1/2 months after surgery. I stopped it a few times for a few days, until about a month ago. I stopped it because I ran out. I had bought more, but didn't open it to see. Everything was fine for about a month. So yeah...back on it now.

    Finally talked to a nurse yesterday afternoon. She suggested doubling up on the omeprazole for about a week to get things under control. So, I'm taking it once in the morning and once about 2pm (when I get off work, easy enough to remember). She said to stay on it at least a month before attempting to go off of it again. We'll see about that, lol! And...liquids and soft foods yesterday, today and tomorrow if needed. Today, the sphincter finally shut, so no more acid in the chest and throat. However, I'm still over producing acid as I feel the burn in my gut. Not pleasant.

    Hopefully it settles down soon. I leave for vacation Monday morning, I want to feel good while doing nothing! lol
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    Nicole, did you stop cold turkey? You said weaned yourself so I imagine you did what my doc suggested? He said to stop taking it every other day at first, then every 2 days and so on. I tried every other day and ended up having some intestinal bug or something and felt the heartburn coming back so I started back on it daily again. I need to try weaning again.

    Hope you are feeling better, that would really suck. Once I ate too soon before laying down and woke up coughing and gagging on the food. Not fun :(
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    @KDar1988 Yeah, I did every other day for about a week then every two days for a week, then ran out.

    Yeah, it's a rather unpleasant feeling, isn't it. lol Ugh. I'm feeling somewhat better, thanks!
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    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm hoping I can get off them too.
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    I get the beginnings of it when my RX isn't filled in time. It only takes a day or two. My surgeon said I would be on this for life. Is it different with other surgeons? I was told without it GB patients will cause permanent damage..now I'm wondering ..
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    @Crossfitand5ks I had VSG, so can't really speak to RNY. I know for some VSG patients reflux goes away, others it gets worse. I know for some with VSG it can get so bad they need a revision to RNY. I'll stay on the OTC omeprazole for a month and try to wean off again. If I have any issues, I'll just stay on it. What's one more pill to swallow? :wink:
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    This is what used to happen to me post sleeve! Didn't matter that I took my medicine, or if I had eaten, or not eaten. I would wake up, and the bile had to find it's way out! The conversion to RNY made the difference, for me!

    I've been able to wean myself from the medicines (that didn't work anyway, and have been proven to cause terrible side effects!), but was a process to work through!
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    This happens to me since my surgery, not before though. I wake up gasping for air, and it's just the bile that comes up. It's the most disgusting taste! It usually happens if i've eaten too late or if i go to bed to closely after eating..