Week 4 Weigh Ins! (7/15 - 7/21)

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Post your week 4 weigh ins here! :)


  • gunnerslove77
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    Friday I weighed in at 171.8 ... but think the scales were faulty.. today on new scales I am 175
  • kraizon
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    SW: 145
    Week 1: 142.5
    Week 2: 140
    Week 3: 139.5
    Week 4: 137.5 ;)
    Lbs lost so far: 7.5
    GW: 115
  • ckwilson254
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    I just joined the group. And just started another journey. Today I was 229.
  • katherine_startrek_fan
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    SW: 248 (week 1)
    2 week: didn't weigh
    3 week: 247.4
    4 week: 247.0
    GW: 233
    UGW: 160-170

    Lost 1 pound so far!

    Progress is slow going, but I'm proud of myself. I didn't do as well with eating extra veggies this week as I had intended, but did notice my appetite was much better when I did so, so I will be trying again this week to eat more servings of veggies.
  • _zombiegirl_
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    Starting weight: 239
    Week #1: 238 (-1)
    Week #2: didn't log because I gained :neutral:
    Week #3: 235.8 (-2.2)
    Week #4: 232.2 (-3.6)

    Total so far: -6.8
    Challenge goal: 209
  • angelhinson69
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    Starting weight 186 4 weeks ago
    Week 1....179 ...down7lbs
    Week 2....175.....down 3lbs
    Week 3....178.....up 3 lbs
    Week 4....179 ....up 1 lb
    Total weight loss is 7 lbs still however trying to figure out what the he'll is going on! I really have been watching everything I eat and am still everyday under calorie intake....I have still been running/ walking 2 1/2 to 3 miles daily and i work out at gym occasionally and do almost 100 sit ups and crunches a night to tone my stomach . After last week also have been watching sodium intake. I look like I am loosing inches especially around my waist and butt...I have a very large butt and it has shrunk alot . My legs feel stronger but the scale is just not moving and when it does it seems I go up a pound. My husband just keeps telling me it's because I'm building muscle but Idk . Not gonna give up ! I've only been at it 4 weeks and I did loose 7 lbs since I started just seem to be stuck . I eat less then I'm suppose to , I have to add fake calories just to close my daily day out because I'm under by so much it doesn't let me. Any advice would be great.
  • katherine_startrek_fan
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    @angelhinson69 - You say that you're eating below the minimum calorie allowance that MFP will accept- that's your problem! It's unhealthy to eat so little, especially when you're working out. Your body is likely in starvation mode and is trying to hold on to the little you're giving it.

    Why not try for a slower, more healthy approach?
  • typeitdaily
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    SW: 257.8
    LW: 233
    CW: 231.4
    GW: 205
    FGW 140
  • angelhinson69
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    Re posted in 5 week results ...