Still a few months out...

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I'm still a few months from scheduling my surgery.. any secret tips on what to do to prepare? I've been sticking to my 1700cal a day, per my doc, and walking at least 2 miles a day...


  • garber6th
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    The best advice I have given is to change your habits as much as possible before you have surgery. Make it a habit to log your food and exercise, and make sure that you follow the instructions that your surgeon and his team give you. Doing what you are supposed to do is the best tip I can offer. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Good luck to you :-)
  • loveshoe
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    If you don't have food scales get a pair and start weighing your portions out, chew you food until it's mush, put down your fork between bites and don't drink with meals. You're off to a good start by counting calories and walking.
  • ktkruszka
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    I had to learn to take small bites and drink in small portions--boy did I not prepare enough! It really takes a long time to physically eat a meal once sleeved (just got sleeved Monday 7/18/16). I also had a completely different pre-op diet than you so I was better prepared for the protein shakes and Gatoraide (G2). START STOCKING UP NOW!!!!!!!!!