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EM2WL Workouts - Get Results Here!

TerezaToledoTerezaToledo Member Posts: 690 Member Member Posts: 690 Member
Is everything too overwhelming? Not quite sure where you should begin in your workouts? Why not try our FREE upper/lower body split 4-week program to get you started on the right foot? This will ease you into upper body exercises on one day, lower body on the other so you don't overtax yourself in the gym. Get in, get out and get results!9ki97vmnvve0.png


  • TerezaToledoTerezaToledo Member Posts: 690 Member Member Posts: 690 Member
    So now you know the basics and are looking to really develop your specific goals. We have four programs ready to help get you to your goal.

    SURGE is a 4-week endurance plan intended for enhancing the endurance of your muscles, allowing you to be able to lift heavier in other phases. Upside, no CARDIO is needed!!

    EVOLVE is a 4-week hypertrophic plan intended for building, defining, or maintaining lean muscle mass. If this is your first year or two of lifting, perform this workout after an endurance phase, and before a strength or power phase.

    TRUE STRENGTH is a 4-week plan intended for building bone density, while increasing the strength of your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. When done properly, it also delivers one heck of a confidence boost.

    COMPOUND CIRCUITS is a 4-week total body workout plan suitable for all fitness levels. It is intended for metabolic conditioning, and anatomical adaptation (preparing the body for future lifting phases).

    Each one works independently in itself, but when combined together makes one heck of a training program suitable for all levels of members. r774ggkirj95.png
  • TerezaToledoTerezaToledo Member Posts: 690 Member Member Posts: 690 Member
    Don't let the title fool you! Our Beginner Strength Training Manual is designed for anyone trying to gain strength in their fitness journey. If you have been putting off getting started because you cannot afford a personal trainer, have no idea where to begin, or think that this is not for you...think again. This manual will get you started with all of the basics plus it includes a private area online to access all of the video demonstrations to all of the exercises.e29l4kyranlg.png
  • TerezaToledoTerezaToledo Member Posts: 690 Member Member Posts: 690 Member
    Did you know EM2WL has FREE workouts?? Yes, I said FREE!! If you are looking for a new program to do, something that will challenge you, but not break the bank, then these are for you! A great place to start your strength training journey and get a feel for how heavy lifting will work for you. Even though plans are 3, 4 or 5 days in length, each of them can be tailored to suit whatever time you have to spend in the gym. Grab one today and have your month planned out already! a8nxm5sdfve6.png
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