Newbie with RNy in Dec-- looking for advice/tips!

sarahpetzel2386 Posts: 2 Member
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Hi! I'm in the process of getting everything done before my surgery in December. I will be getting the RNY done. I have currently gone through all my testings, and 3 out of 6 dietician meetings, and still having to meet with the psychologist. Anyone have tips, pointers or advice for me preop please give a shout out!


  • fleebers
    fleebers Posts: 7 Member
    Sarah did you find anyone to chat with? I just had my RNY Jan 9. I'm looking for someone to share info/questions/motivation. Send a pm!
  • JenniferNoll
    JenniferNoll Posts: 367 Member
    I was sleeved in December. I know it's a different surgery, but the process and struggles are similar. Wanna be friends?
  • Miss_Hattie
    Miss_Hattie Posts: 49 Member
    Hi ladies. I am prepping for a duodenal switch. Still a month away probably. I lost 17 pounds as of this morning but only was required to lose 15. I'd be happy to be friends with both of you.