Hempseed Oil

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Thoughts? It was recommended for arthritis pain.


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    Isn't Hempseed oil just plain old oil?
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    I do hemp seeds, and I know Leanne Vogel of healthfulpursuit.com is a huge fan of using it in her recipes. I generally substitute with coconut oil or MCT as I wasn't ready for an added expense. What type of question are you asking??
  • kmn118
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    The hempseed oil, or hemp oil has been recommended as something that will help with arthritis pain and anxiety issues, but I have just read internet "research" and was searching for people who have tried it and have seen some benefits.
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    Hempseed is one supplement I have never read about but did see it once in a health food store. I am interested in hearing personal experiences.
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    I have never tried it but following...
    I take turmeric, Omega 3 fish oil and coconut oil and my joint pain is gone mostly. I can tell a difference if I miss a day.
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    Hemp hearts (shelled seeds) themselves are seriously awesome - I sometimes add 55g to a salad if I don't feel like meat. Nutrition profile/my serving:
    340 cal
    28 g fat
    4g carb - 2g fibre
    17g protein

    Very creamy buttery tasting in a green grassish sort of way, hard to explain, but I really think they are tasty (I also have garlic roasted whole seeds that are more like tiny garlicky nuts - I crunch down as a snack).
    Don't know if they help the arthritis or not but I don't seem to have too much problem with mine (neck and low back and ankle from accidents). I tried the usual MSM Glucosamine, Chondroitin and they didn't do anything for me. I do take other supplements though.