This is the first time ive ever had a handle on my eating.

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The past few weeks have been a very stressful time for me, work and money troubles and attempting to move out of my house, normally during times like this I would've put on 15 lbs in pure pizza weight but this time ive actually managed to stay in my calories most days, and it really is thanks to the beautiful community here on MFP.

Everyone has taught me so many tools on how to control my bad habits, ive always been a binger and im learning how to combat that. Ive learned there is a fine line between "everything is fine in moderation" and "I literally cant keep this in the house because I will eat it all in one sitting" lol. Learning my triggers (and most importantly, my trigger FOODS) has changed my life and made me so much more self aware.

I suppose this is just an open thank you to the people that are constantly out in the forums and groups teaching people tools to get their lives together, none of us are infallible but we can go places if we continue to help each other :)


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    It's feels good to not be a "slave" to food anymore, although, on the weekends its been getting me! Good job girl, keep up the good work. I might need to hear some of your methods for avoiding a binge ;)