Who else is in the waiting period for surgery?

Mandy_1982 Posts: 160 Member
How are you feeling?

What are your weight loss goals during the wait period?

What month do you think your surgery will be in?

Are you scared to get surgery? Excited? Unsure?

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this ride to surgery! :smile:


  • rce884
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    Hi Mandy_1982! Rce884 here, i too am on the waiting list. i am from Toronto Canada. and for me to have the surgery i have to go through many steps. seeing a social worker, nurse, nutritionist, psychiatrist, anesthesiologist and surgeon. so i am have been keeping busy as i wait. i am almost through the pre surgery time and i will be getting my date soon. by the end of September (fingers crossed)
    my weight loss goals were to hold fast. but i stupidly had a week long binge and gained back a bunch of weight i was so proud of losing all on my own... but yeah. trying to get back down a bit at least.
    i am thinking surgery will be December or January
    i am terrified. well i am more comfortable than i have been i just recently had a bout of low self confidence that i am able to make the necessary changes to my lifestyle but i have to believe in my self
    if you are interested friend request me
  • Angelaabickford
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    Hey there! I have currently finished all the requirements and they are getting ready to submit to insurance. I'm not to hopeful though because my insurance requires a 2 year weight history and I haven't been to the doctors in the last two years. I pulled a couple of records from 4-5 years ago but I don't think it will be enough. We'll see though. If it gets approved, the surgery will probably be end of September. I'm not scared for the surgery, more just the insurance approval! I'm definitely ready for it. How about you Mandy?
  • Mandy_1982
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    Thanks for your replies!

    I'm feeling OK for the most part. I'm almost to the three month mark of the six month waiting period. I joined a gym recently and I'm getting into the habit of exercising/strength training several days a week.

    I've lost about ten pounds since June, but losing the weight so far hasn't been easy. I think the hardest thing for me is going to be breaking all of my old eating habits. I've found that I'm an emotional eater and that I will crave high calorie things when I'm feeling down or upset. I'm going to be working with my dietitian on those struggles.

    I'm not really sure what month my surgery will be in. I'm guessing around December or so.

    I'm anxious about surgery. I've never had any surgeries before, let alone a major one like WLS. It's scary, but I know I'm at low risk for complications that eases my mind a little. I'm also anxious about getting approved for surgery- I hope it goes through.

    Good luck and feel free to add me as a friend!
  • mama1epstein
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    Hi, I'm also in Toronto Canada and just received my invitation to orientation. As Rce884 mentioned there are many hoops to jump through but hey it's free. I was surprised when my GP suggested the surgery and went into a self hatred food fest - gained 18lbs in 3 weeks. I didn't think that was physically possible.
    But I'm trying again to just be healthy. Eat balanced and nutritious foods and walk 10k a day. Of course, that just started today lol!
    I'm terrified of the idea of the surgery and probably have about a year to wait for it :neutral: . I'm hoping to lose some weight before the surgery but mostly focusing on creating new habits (like not drinking during a meal - holy crap that's hard), kicking caffeine, pop etc.
    Fingers crossed !
  • Karen918
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    Hi Mandy,

    I am just starting the 6 month diet that my insurance requires. I'm thinking March 2017 best case scenario. I meet all of the other requirements and I've been thinking about doing this for years. Now that I've made my decision, I'm really excited.
  • jmarie1967
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    Hello, I am having surgery in October. My insurance does not cover any WLS, so I decided after much research to have my surgery in Mexico. I know most think this is a little crazy, but I know some people who have used my surgeon. I am beyond ready, have been researching the sleeve for 5 years, and have never been able to save the money to do here in the US.
  • nakeddog
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    I'm in Canada as well, Edmonton. I had to be referred by the family dr to the bariatric clinic, that took 16 mths to get to that appt. Now I've been seeing the nurse, the dietician, the internist dr, and the psychologist, since May 2016. I've been told another 2 years of waiting before surgery. I've already been passed and approved by the nurse, and the internist dr (like a family dr of the clinic)...so I continue with the food journaling, and walking. I've completed all the weight management courses for them, and have done all the steps they require. I will not see the surgeon until closer to the surgery. I have lost 12-16 lbs, but a big setback this month has undone some of that work...I injured myself pretty badly, and am still recovering. If I gain, they will disqualify me, and I won't get surgery...gave me a goal of 10% loss.
  • Cheryl188
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    I'm aiming to have surgery this fall. I've been working hard for 5 years to lose weight. Currently down 85lbs! I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada
    HW 338
    CW 252
    GW 138
    I've spent these years learning to exercise and discovering what I like. I finally have a healthy relationship with food and I know that the surgery will help me reach my goals.
    Feel free to add me!
  • loridawn16701
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    Hw 317
    Cw 262
    Goal weight 140
    Surgery scheduled for 9/8/16 after six months of diet documents! So excited.
  • loridawn16701
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    jmarie1967 wrote: »
    Hello, I am having surgery in October. My insurance does not cover any WLS, so I decided after much research to have my surgery in Mexico. I know most think this is a little crazy, but I know some people who have used my surgeon. I am beyond ready, have been researching the sleeve for 5 years, and have never been able to save the money to do here in the US.

    Check out Laura's vsg on YouTube should be helpful. She had surgery in Mexico and paid out of pocket too.
  • Mandy_1982
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    I found out at my appointment today that I could be having my sleeve surgery as soon as the last part of November. My dietitian and nurse at my clinic have both had WLS and they have had great results, but honestly I'm feeling nervous the closer it approaches.
  • jennyb319
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    Hi all.. Jenny from MI, I just finished my 6 months of diet for my insurance. I have my consultation with the surgeon at the end of the month. I'm hoping to have surgery in October/November. I'm nervous but excited too. I just want to be healthy. And I don't want to be the fat grandma when my kids start having kids.

    Feel free to add me! Need any and all support I can get!
  • iamstaceywood
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    my get a date appt is october 4th. all my pre reqs are done. started in april and just finished up, approval letter is in. im antsy. i just want to get it done!!

    feel free to add me!
  • totsie55
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    hey everyone! I am in the pre op stage as well . i will be finished with my 3 months of medically supervised weight management in late November. Hoping for surgery in January 2017!! I'm doing what i can now to keep trying to change bad habits and train myself to eat differently and at different intervals... stop drinking with meals... things of that nature. I'm hoping to lose at least 10-15 before surgery! I'm excited ... and a bit scared!
  • adhebert8
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    I am in the process of my 6 month supervised diet. October will be month two and I have lost 8lbs. I have/had to have an EKG, Chest X-Ray, Endoscopy, Psych visit, Kinesiology visit, 6 dietician visits, one support group, primary care physician letter, and labs. I am hoping to have surgery March/April of next year. Please feel free to add me on here! I recently deleted all my MFP so I could add WLS people with similar goals.
  • Minskygirl
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    I'm scheduled for November 14. A little nervous but can't wait to get it over with. I'm on day two of the 2 week pre-op diet which is Medifast required by my particular surgeon. I'm a good cook and use fresh ingredients so this is tough. Not really hungry but it's hard to stomach this packaged, processed "food". I know it will be worth it so hanging in there.
  • jcavanna2
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    Good luck! As scary as pre-op preparation is (I think we all were scared/nervous) it had been the best decision made!

    Totally get the pre-op diet frustration. I also am a cook but you will be back to cooking before you know it!