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So, I have recently become a huge fan of Darebee.com. They have downloadable workout routines presented in a fun and engaging way. There are themed workout and challenge sets as well as longer termed challenges (8 weeks to 5k, 30 day Batcave Challenge). The challenges are rated, depending on your current fitness level, and are designed quite well. Tons of articles on nutrition, proper form, etc.

I'm starting the a running program, as well as an office workout for lunch time.


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    Oh the office workout during lunchtime sounds interesting. Right now a co-worker & I take walks during our 30 minute lunch, I think it maps out to be just over 1.5 miles, nothing to scream about but it is a nice addition and is movement vs the remainder of my day which is sitting. As winter approaches tho I am always looking for indoor movement/activity on lunch! Thanks for the resource, I am going to check it out now :)
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    Omg. This is a great site! I gave it to my trainer too! I like the meal plans, while they may need to be modified slightly to match quantities, I definitely like the outlines and options!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Also, there is an app that can put the workouts right at your fingertips. It also includes timers. I haven't used the app yet but probably will after work today
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    Bodybuilding.com has a BodySpace app that can incorporate all sorts of workouts and programs and will track your workouts. I plan to use it to give me some more direction at the gym. They spend a lot of time trying to push supplements (that they sell), but it doesn't seem to be too intrusive. I hope to start the workouts from bill Phillips' 12 week Back to Fit, and even if I don't get to the gym as often as his program requires, do the workouts in order as I do get to the gym. It will be nice to have a ready planned workout for me when I walk in.