Real Results Here!

I just wanted to say thank you for existing. Thank you to this group for being here. I've lost 4 lbs since last Tuesday. Something else I've noticed is my girth feeling smaller. It's almost like this is what my body wanted me to do so it is responding like an A+ student. I feel stronger too from the little bit of exercise I've been able to do.

It goes against logic seemingly to be in the position I was. On Weight Watchers, lost 23 lbs only to stop suddenly, then gain 3 back. Answer: Add more calories? what? Are you serious? I've just started gaining weight. I shouldn't eat more!

Well, actually eating more was the exact thing I needed to do. I also needed to push myself into at least the amount of exercise I can handle. And here's the awesome results. I feel stronger and smaller and I've lost weight again.

I've enjoyed foods this week that were previously viewed as 'bad' foods. I've had a glass of wine with dinner every night. Life is good. I can live like this. This is living.


  • dejavuohlala
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    That's great, yes it's difficult to get your head around the concept that's for sure.
  • awaywewander
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    That is so awesome! Keep it up!

    I completely agree on the whole feeling satisfied thing. My girlfriend and I had a nice lunch out at an Italian restaurant a couple of weeks ago and still managed to stay under our calories and kept our macros on track. It is nice to be able to still allow yourself certain things without feeling like you are eating your whole days worth of calories.

    Since June I have managed to gain 11.5 pounds of muscle and lose 7.8 pounds of fat which is exactly what I am shooting for!! I still have lots of muscle to gain and lots of fat to lose.

    I have been getting pretty frustrated that it didn't seem like I was making any progress because the scale wouldn't budge much but after having a body analysis done yesterday, I am feeling good again.
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    thats good