Coming back from total rotator cuff surgery

Z_I_L_L_A Posts: 2,399 Member
Tore every tendon in the right shoulder 2013. Doc said he could get me back to 98%, I said I'll take it. 3 hours of surgery, 1.5 years to pain free, 2 years of working out to get back. Next couple of weeks I go for 405 lbs on the bench. So if you have an injury, it will heal and you can come back. Other small injuries just work around til they heal. Feels good to throw heavy weight around again.


  • MsVino
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    Thankyou for sharing and congrats on the lift and lifts to come! I am 9 months into recovering from tearing both shoulders and some days are extremely frustrating but it is refreshing to read about your success :-) all the best.