Marrying THM and MFP

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Hey mamas,

I've been on THM since May 8, 2016. My husband joined me, since it's easier to just feed both of us. We have two kids, so everything is modified for them, or they eat whatever else because they don't want what I cook. (THM or THM blogger recipes are hit or miss with them - they're 3 and 5.)

I lost 6 lbs the first week, then it took me another 3+ months to lose another 8. Then I stalled. We evacuated for Hurricane Matthew (we made out fine), and since we left in short order, packing food wasn't a priority, and good food shopping wasn't available (we evacuated to a rural location). I've been more or less off-plan since then.

I'm looking to get back on-plan, as I had been since May, but I am concerned that I am overdoing things. I'm not sure if I'm inadvertently doing crossovers or just eating too many calories or what. I considered ditching THM and just counting calories, but my husband suggested maybe doing both. However I don't even know where to begin with that! This plan has me making so much of my own food, which I admit is exhausting, that I would be building recipes constantly.

Please note that I do have a THMembership and have access to various menus, including Turtle Losers. I think my hesitation with that is the large amount of planning. At least when I did MFP without any other limits besides calories, I could plan some but still take the day as it comes when need be.

Anyone in the same boat? Any thoughts? Tips? Commiseration?

Thank you!!!

ETA that my husband lost the 20lbs or so that he needed to lose by about August. 'Cause, you know, he's a guy, so, yeah. I need to lose about 50-60 lbs.


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    I am glad your family made it out of Hurricane Matthew okay!

    I am right there with you, we are a very busy family so planning and sticking to pre-planned meals is very tough!

    So I have done what you are looking to do, I combine both THM and MFP and count my calories while sticking to S, E, and FP style meals. It's helpful because I thrive off of portion control and counting my calories helps tremendously in my weight loss. It's also good for those days when you don't have access to your kitchen and need to stay within you calorie limit.

    I feel like combining both has worked great for me so I will continue too, and when I make those home cooked meal I create a recipe on here and input all of the ingredients which is helpful if I make that THM dish again. :smiley:

    I hope that helps!!
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    I have found that logging on mfp help hold me accountable to the THM plan. I tend to exercise more when I see calories subtracted.
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    Here is my track record

    Aug - lost 5 lbs
    Sept - lost 1 lb
    Oct - lost 1 lb
    Nov - lost 1 lb
    Dec - gained 3 lb
    Jan - lost 3 lb

    net - 8 lb loss

    Hoping to lose 7-15 more

    This may seem slow but considering that prior to this I was gaining 5 lbs per year, it seems awesome!!!
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    Personal opinion? The best thing about losing slowly is that it's easier to maintain those losses over the long term.
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    Need some support here. I can't seem to find a active group doing the THM. Does anyone know of one?