s, November 5

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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


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    Happy Saturday!
    To understand how to decide on how intense to exercise and the true calorie value of different types of exercise was a mystery to me until I read the book listed above. I learned about the book while doing a Nutrition and Exercise Boot Camp for Seniors at the Aspen Club fitness center in Aspen, CO. I highly recommend that you purchase and read the book. If you read only Chapter 5, page 53-67, Increasing Aerobic Endurance, you would gain wonderful understanding about how to plan your weekly and daily cardio workouts. That is a mighty big promise for only 14 pages, but please read it.
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    BTW: most of the calorie monitors on various gym equipment machines are just plain wrong as they are based on various mathematical algorithms that you are NOT designed for you. When you wear a quality heart rate monitor and understand how to use it, you will have accurate and motivating information.
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    Morning Rick yesterday was a long day I was so hyper and the computer was down so I couldn't log last night by the way 11/4 Yes x 3 ;)

    Oh I so agree with the man and the stud muffin analogy . I saw it this morning and laughed women are way more critical of ourselves and each other.

    How did I do yesterday with the candy? I did not touch my husband's m&m's but I ate the smarties at work. If I have my choice I really love smarties and I figured I should just have a few and get it over with than binge on other things.
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    @2020pinktogo One of my most important life-health lessons that I learned 25 years ago at Weight Watchers (WW), is that we can choose to eat ANYTHING. In fact, we should eat all of our trigger foods (for you that must be candy. For me it's salty+cheesy anything). The BIG THING is what the UAC is all about: be thoughtful, track your food intake 'cost' (calories); and only spend within your calorie budget for the day. So, if you want Smarties, you eat Smarties, but you make other choices that still fit the budget.
    Love to you all!
    I am so encouraged that everyone is working to help everyone else in the UAC!
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    Heart rate exercise -- In my mind this is kind of important. I don't consider myself to be exercising unless I get elevated heart rate. The amount that my HR elevates scales to my exercise calories. My favorite heart rate monitor is Sportline's 660. I don't know if they are still in production. When you initialize you put in your gender, age, weight and height. So I think it has an algorithm that utilizes all of that which gives me a degree of confidence.
    When I start an aerobic activity it shows me my heart rate either in beats or as a percent of maximum heart rate. I think max is typically 220 beats minus your age. That ain't too complicated of an algorithm.
    Also the thing would record an average heart rate and calorie burn of the course of the exercise period.
    For spin I would try to get an average upwards of 90% for the 50 active minutes or so of the class.
    That amount of exertion would cause me to sweat a remarkable puddle under my bike.
    I had the idea that I should take a tape measure and measure across my puddle and correlate that to my heart rate output. You know, just to be scientific.
    I used to take anaerobic threshold spin classes. We were actually anaerobic. Guys would be screaming and crying and everything else in that class. Heh, I wonder if I could still do it.
    One time, Mr Spin Instructor took away my heart rate monitor. He could still see output on it because I was wearing a chest strap that transmitted. He spun the class according to my heart rate. We were all gasping and wheezing and wailing. He gave me my watch back and showed me that I had been spinning at a few ticks over 100% for an hour.
    Heh, my cardiologist told me to never do that again. I had palpitations for several days afterwards. But hey, I can still run at 90%. Well, I can't really say that. I ain't spun like that all summer. When I am climbing I only run at like 80% and I don't always even turn on my heart rate record.
    But yeah, increasing aerobic endurance, it is worth doing. I think I maybe spent the last ten years or so working up to the high intensity spin thing.

    But if this all sounds crazy, don't be put off from trying it. Nobody is going to laugh and point at you if you start small. Nobody will say nothing if you can't finish a class when you first start. Actually, they got classes called RPM that don't go for an hour. They kind of accommodate beginners but that ain't to say you can't run up to your own personal maximum.

    But anyway, I claim that the best way to exercise your heart is on a spin bike. Spin is the best way to get a nice compact high calorie burn. We were talking a bit ago about whether or not to eat exercise calories. In beginning spin, people only burn like 400 calories. Bear in mind, that is a donut. I say don't eat it. Heh, listen to me, I just got back from eatin' a donut and I might not even exercise today. But guess what. I ain't pulling out of a sedentary metabolism.

    I had hyperlipidemia in '04. My doc told me my retirement would be a total dud if I didn't make some serious changes. My doc also told me that if I didn't get serious about making some changes he wouldn't even be my doc anymore. Weird eh? My mind and body is totally different now.

    But starting is starting small. If exercise to you is walking for twenty minutes be sure and talk to your doc about your heart before plunging headlong into heart rate exercise.

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    I miss spinning! Not able to go at the moment (on maternity leave so can't afford gym membership and wouldn't have anyone to do childcare anyway. One day...)

    Remember, remember 5th November.
    It's Bonfire Night here in the UK so I can hear fireworks going off every few seconds. Normally this would mean I'd be going to a torch lit procession in my town and then putting the lit torch on the big bonfire and watching the fireworks with a funfair on with lots of my favourites on sale:hot chocolate, mulled wine and hot cider, candyfloss and toffee apples. As it's so busy and noisy and the baby's only little still we've not gone this year so on the plus side I've saved myself a few hundred (or thousand? :s ) calories I'm sure! And it's absolutely freezing tonight. And the cat's happy we're home.

    Calories: yes
    Tracking: yes
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    Wow @bocasdelbob, between you & @RangerRickL we know who to ask about heart rate & exercising! I agree, spinning is a fantastic way to get the heart rate up & burn calories. I remember my first couple classes - my legs were like rubber bands afterward & my bottom was sooo sore. By my 3rd class, it just felt exhilarating! I may have to make my way back to a gym in 2017!
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    Oh yeah! I forgot to make any mention of bottom conditioning.
    I might be reestablishing my gym membership if it gets any colder. Funny thing about last winter though was that I used to ride my bike to spin class. So it ain't like I can't ride when it is cold. Thing of it is though, spin will always get me much higher heart rates than bicycle riding. Don't know why that is.

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    November 5

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes (50 min cardio interval)

    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes (I hope bc it's the catered veggies and tofu from last night bday party, always hard to k ow what they use)

    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    Question?? How is it possible that my new Fitbit Blaze records 500 cal burned on the treadmill yet in MFP I only have like 39 exercise calories?? Over 12000 steps, over 5 miles etc..

    Can anyone explain this?
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    Calories counted and it looks like I am way under for the day which is strange because I did a great hike along the Grand River (2.5 hours) and my heart rate monitor said I burnt over 600 calories. You think I would be more hungry....
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    Exercise? Yes. 32 minute Daily Burn workout and Leslie Sansone 1 mile walk that was 20 minutes
    Calories? Yes
    Tracked? Yes
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes, 40 minutes Elliptical machine, 60 minutes Concept 2 rowing machine, 45 minutes walking on treadmill, 90 minutes strength training, and 30 minutes LeMond spin bike.
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    DId I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
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    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) yes

    Had surplus calories. Got 353 exercise calories that seem a fair approximation. I just did flat track on choppy dirt that was somewhat rain compacted. Minimal climb. Saving myself for tomorrow.
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    Exercise: Yes - 2.68 mile Greenway walk for 45 minutes
    Calories: Yes

    All this talk about protein and heart rates has sent me down a cyber rabbit hole that has no end! Got me thinking, though.
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    Exercise: yes - 30 min Kettlebell video (KettleX Basic with Lorna Kleidman)
    Calories : yes
    Tracked: yes
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes. I did 20 min stretching, 30 min weight lifting and 30 min of hip hop abs! Yay!
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes!
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Absolutely everything.
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?

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    I walked for 30 minutes
    I stayed in my calorie goals (thpigh ate more fat thrn I wanted to)and I logged all my food and drink. I definitely like eating at home more then going out...much easier to keep my macros in check;)
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    It's a Pass Day for me!
    I did my exercise: 67-70 minutes of walking
    Tracking: Ok
    Calories: over, as I knew and accepted that I would be today. My wife and I were out with another couple. They were the hosts. I choose to go with the hospitality flow in those situations. That was my Pass Day #1.
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    Exercise: Yes; walking
    Calories: Yes
    Tracking: Yes