Family photos

aserrano79 Posts: 36 Member
My son is 5. I have not taken many full body pictures with him due to being so heavy. Lots of selfies or pics where I stand behind the group. Being tall I get to do that. But, Last night, I didn't care. People were taking our picture left and right:) I didn't even feel the urge to suck in or hide. I'm not at my goal weight. I have not even reached my half way mark. I'm just happy! I feel good about what I'm putting in my body and I think that reflects outward. This is a huge deal for me. I have a 18 year old son also. I don't have many pictures of us together because of my self esteem back then. I can't fix that, but I can move forward now! Huge non scale victory for me last night. (Also did not eat the Halloween candy!) Happy Dance!!! :D