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The 'Under 200 Pounds' Thread.....We Made It !!

SavedByGrace26356SavedByGrace26356 Posts: 544Member Member Posts: 544Member Member
This thread is for OMADers who have lost weight and are now below 200 pounds.


  • SavedByGrace26356SavedByGrace26356 Posts: 544Member Member Posts: 544Member Member
    The weeks are flying by and I'm happy to report I'm below 200 pounds !!! I've reached my first mini goal and I'm 1/3 of the way to my ultimate goal. I love OMAD because it's the first program that has worked for me.

    July 1 - 231.6 pounds
    October 22 - 200.2 pounds
    October 29 - 198.0 pounds - under 200 !!!

    I lost 2.2 pounds this week for a total loss of 33.6 pounds. Yes!!
  • OMADing1OMADing1 Posts: 337Member Member Posts: 337Member Member
    I'm in and so very GLAD too. If you would have told me this past summer, that I would be under 200lbs in less than 4 months, I would have raised an eyebrow and gave an unbelievably negative, semi-nasty (attitude) slight snarl, but I am!

    My weigh-in day is tomorrow, and I'm most humbly and GRATEFULLY happy to report I'm solidly in the---> 180's now, soon to be in the "overweight" class (instead of obese) and steam-rolling towards the...170's!!!!

    Thank you Linda for starting this thread. Thank you Joe for suggesting it. Thank you EVERYONE of you terrific OMADers for all you've done to help me "get down to size" so to speak.

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  • Fonar7Fonar7 Posts: 39Member Member Posts: 39Member Member
    Don't know if I'm fully entitled to join - I've got down to sub-200lb with IF (16:8) but have just discovered OMAD. However having been well in excess of 200 when I began my weight loss journey, I'm hoping I qualify....

    Anyway, just to reiterate thanks expressed above by OMADing1 to Linda for starting this thread, and congrats to both of you on your inspiring losses so far!

  • SavedByGrace26356SavedByGrace26356 Posts: 544Member Member Posts: 544Member Member
    The support I've received from everyone is the motivation I needed to keep going. I love reading everyone's results and it is inspiring. Thanks to everyone and congratulations OMADing and Fonar7 for getting below 200.

    Yes, you are welcome Fonar7. You have worked as hard as the rest of us and you are working OMAD in a marvelous way.

    We can do this ladies!!
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