Why Do You Want to Drop the Weight?

kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
Write down why you want to drop the weight, refer back to the reasons on those hard days. Reminding yourself why your here helps pick us up when we feel overwhelmed, discouraged or want to quit!


  • CCB82
    CCB82 Posts: 2 Member
    To be healthy and still active as I get older.
    To wear dresses as fearlessly as I did 45lbs ago.
    To lead by example for my kids and encourage my husband to be healthy.
  • KaeChelleA
    KaeChelleA Posts: 38 Member
    I want to feel better and more confident. I want my clothes to fit and I want to be able to do fun things without being limited or embarrassed by my size.
  • Only_Today
    Only_Today Posts: 28 Member
    To look beautiful and feel less achy in my knees
    To finally (after 50 years of fighting with my food) break through into Onederland
    To get healthier and live a long wonderful life
  • calliebaker395
    calliebaker395 Posts: 16 Member
    To return to the weight I was at when I graduated high school by the time I graduate college! To be healthy. And to defeat my food addiction.
  • Misschuchii
    Misschuchii Posts: 23 Member
    To lose the hip and leg pain, to be ahead of the game when I go see the doctor next month!
  • holly2317
    holly2317 Posts: 2 Member
    To be able to be active and enjoy life. I want to go hiking and swimming and on adventures with friends without being afraid I won't be able to becuase of the physical activity. Also, I want to be healthy!!!
  • jgnickel
    jgnickel Posts: 81 Member
    To feel better in my own skin, be healthy for myself and my family, and get rid of the knee pain!! I've already reduced blood pressure medication, so my goal is to be completely off of it!
  • michp79
    michp79 Posts: 5 Member
    To be able to expand my family with a healthy pregnancy regarding weight!
  • SaritaWolf
    SaritaWolf Posts: 61 Member
    I want to feel good about the way I look. I want to feel excited to go out and do things like I use to. I want to be able to wear the clothes and fashion I want to wear. I want to be able to run a 5k with my family. I want to not have high cholesterol or be considered overweight!
  • ashcky
    ashcky Posts: 393 Member
    I want to be healthy for myself and my kids. I don't want to struggle to find clothes. I want the confidence and success I'm finding in the path to my career to show on the outside. I want to be active with my children.
  • scrapbookingtm
    scrapbookingtm Posts: 1,916 Member
    Health, physical and mental. My mother has had 2 heart attacks, a stroke, Bell's palsey, is a diabetic and overall not in good health. I am trying to keep those things at bay.

    To like what I see. In the mirror and in photos. Use to be not hard to hide from the camera but now days everyone has their phone out and are taking photos all the time.

    To wear the clothes I want to wear. So many of us have an entire closet full of wonderful clothes we can't get into anymore. I don't want to buy new clothes again. To be able to put on my swimming suit without a coverup.

    Energy. To be able to hike or bike all day and enjoy every minute of it. To be able to get down and play with the grandchildren. To be able to walk and run with my 100 lb dog.
  • stm712015
    stm712015 Posts: 138 Member
    Health is a huge one for me since going through leukemia this past year. I never want to take my body and health for granted again. I'm determined to take the best care of myself that I can.

    Confidence in how I look. I love fashion and want to wear the clothes that I love and know that I look good.

    Activities. I use to hide away, embarrassed by how I had let myself go and the fact that I was out of breath with even the littlest exertion. I want my social, active, hike-a-mountain self back.
  • 1crvygrl
    1crvygrl Posts: 500 Member
    To like how I look and feel, to be able to wear whatever I want with confidence. To not feel so sluggish and so unsure of myself when it comes to balance.
  • bhurley1424
    bhurley1424 Posts: 927 Member
    To feel better and more comfortable in my skin - to have more energy for my family.
  • lisag1288
    lisag1288 Posts: 31 Member
    After quitting smoking multiple times over the last few years, I went from 115 pounds to 150 and my weight was steadily going up. I had to buy new clothes different times. All my scrubs for work had to be replaced. I was devouring more food than I needed and drinking alot of calories in alcohol. It hurt when I sit with my little rolls pushing again my jeans that are yet again too tight and need replaced. Enough is enough! I quit smoking to be healthy. I've always eaten very healthy foods, but I have been eating way over my caloric needs and enjoying way too many high calorie craft beers. I'm ready to get back down to my happy weight.
  • sandrachis
    sandrachis Posts: 52 Member
    I want to be able to be healthy, participate in activities, be knee pain free. It is only the second day and I screwed up about 350 calories during the Cubs game. A lifelong fan, I ate chocolate, crackers without even enjoying them. Instead of dinner. Tomorrow is another day and I did walk but I have to be more aware of skipping meals. I want to be confident in my decisions and plan ahead. We can do this.
  • kayjosh2422
    kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
    I started this journey for my health. Nothing like going to the doctor sick, finding out you have pneumonia, scary high blood pressure, your heart is not healthy and your pre diabetic. It was a wake up call to get the weight off. I will keep working at it and I will get healthy
  • bahbedwire
    bahbedwire Posts: 95 Member
    I want to lose weight and get fit. I want to fit in my summer wardrobe without having to buy more clothes that will just make me poorer of pocket and depressed about needing clothes in a larger size. I want to get my body ready to have another baby, but I want to enjoy it fit more than 3 months.
  • kulotsalot13
    kulotsalot13 Posts: 4 Member
    My reason is total vanity. I want to look great in a bikini in January B) Related to that, I want to be able to wear clothes confidently, without the muffin top over my belt. I am actually relatively small already; started MFP at 126 lbs and I am 5'2" so definitely within the normal range and not what I would call "fat" but I am a former ballerina, so I long for my 105-lb super fit body from when I was 18 years old! Obviously not gonna get back to that, let's be realistic ;) But one of my favourite activities nowadays is pole dancing and it's definitely a lot easier to hoist yourself up on the pole and do tricks when you are lighter!