Got my surgery date..

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My surgery is set for 11/29! Now I'm having very serious second and third thoughts... The support system I thought I had are backtracking now that the surgery is a reality and I'm afraid I'm now not in the right frame of mind to do this... my goals haven't changed but now I'm just worried to do this all alone.... has anyone else experienced this? And how did you deal?


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    @jennyb319 - I also had second thoughts but what I can tell you is that I met so many people at support group who had second thoughts or felt they can do it on their own because they lost weight pre-op and they put themselves through the process multiple times. I refused to go through this process more than once and had done so much work and held my breath hoping insurance would cover it. I told very few people so I didn't have the lack of a support group because I didn't have too many to begin with. What I would say is that they are either nervous about the surgery process or that they are jealous of your future self.

    Either way, you put in all this work and got the approval so I say go for it. When your support system sees how much happier and healthier you are after surgery you will find that they will come around - some may not, but from what I have heard from others it sounds like those who don't support are insecure with themselves and became/become jealous.

    I promise you that it will be the best decision you will have made for yourself - don't get me wrong, you will have good days and bad days. Once things start normalizing you will be so glad you moved forward with surgery. You also have all of us to support you and give you tips, suggestions, etc.
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    Thank you so much ... I have been feeling so alone in this process. My best friend is in full support but she lives across the country from me. My hubby just wants me happy but he loves food and thinks this is a bad idea. However, in this process, I've realized how much of our lives is centered around food. I guess I just need to be strong enough for both of us and change how we see food. We need new hobbies...
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    My husband and I are both foodies but when my husband saw how well I was doing he joined MFP too. We still cook and eat well, go out, etc but I can eat way less and he is on the healthy bandwagon. Perhaps your husband will also make changes once he sees how awesome you look and feel.

    I would recommend checking out some Bariatric sites for recipes and make something and don't tell him it's WLS friendly. I love Bariatric Foodie's taco casserole and the Bariatric Eating manicotti, no pie pumpkin pie, vanilla egg custards and The World According to Eggface's ricotta bake. Definitely check these sites out :)
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    Hi and welcome. Everyone gets the pre-jitters, but honestly, there was really nothing to worry about. As long as you have been re-wiring your brain to have a better relationship with food.
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    Of course, this is a huge life change so jitters & second thoughts, etc. are normal. I can't speak for everyone, but regardless of what anyone else thinks you are doing this for you. Even if the people right next to you aren't all that supportive, you have the MFP community and you friend across the country. Don't feel beholden to what others think you should or shouldn't do or what they think is acceptable for you.

    For me, the surgery has given me a literal second chance at a better life. I'm down 52lbs in three months, I have more energy and less aches & pains than In the past 20+ years. I look back at the person I was three short months ago, a slave to food. Hurting all the time in my knees, my back and my hips. Lethargy because I was tired from all the crap foods I had been eating. I no longer crave that food and I only eat now because I know I need to. It's not that food doesn't taste good, smell good, etc. The surgery helped me realize that food isn't my goal in life, but rather the energy I need to live my life.

    What an exhilarating feeling, being able to run. To play soccer with my daughter. Heck, to not impulse buy junk food at the grocery store!

    In any event, if you have made it this far you have already decided this is the right thing to do for you.