What do you drink after a run?

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What do you drink after a run other than water.

I mostly run at night after dinner and don't feel like eating a big snack. I drink water to rehydrate already but what else can I drink in addition to or in instead of.

I heard of some people drinking chocolate milk but I can't drink milk (cow's) and I won't drink soy.


  • likitisplit
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    For awhile I was drinking Almond milk with Ovaltine, but it doesn't have the protein which is part of the benefit of cow's milk.

    Basically anything that replaces some of your electrolytes and carbs - Gatorade G2 - and some protein for muscle growth. Peanut butter on toast with water would be fine. But that's more for running over an hour.

    Or, if you eat normally (3 + meals a day), drinking water after exercise and eating your regular meals is all you really need as a beginning runner. Just make sure you're getting protein and not low-carbing it.
  • GCPgirl
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    Thank you!!
  • xcga33i
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    I like to take a water bottle with me full of Poweraid Zero... I know it has fake sugar in it but I like the 0 calories and it tastes sweet after being in the hot sun....we only drink it after working out, fishing or mowing the yard to help recover. Plus about 4 glasses of water. I run at night and it is hot in Indiana right now so while i cool down and watch some tv I down the water.
  • sissiluv
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    I drink Boost, usually Nutritious Energy. It's filled to the brim with the good stuff and tastes great. c:
  • SMCLosesIt
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    I always run in the morning before breakfast so I drink water while I run and then usually come in and have a couple of cups of coffee! Not ideal but the thought of the coffee sometimes gets me through my run :)
  • likitisplit
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    Coffee is great before a run and tastes sooo yummy after one. Especially with cream and sugar.
  • whirlybirdknits
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    I usually drink just water. My problem is that I run in the evenings (usually - not this week with super high temps!) and then have to pee like crazy in the middle of the night! All that water at night waits until I'm fast asleep to decide it's ready to come out again.
  • PinkNinjaLaura
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    I usually run in the morning and just drink water after. If I run in the evening or when it's hot out I will drink a G2 or something like that afterward. I do like chocolate (cow's) milk after strength training but milk doesn't taste good to me immediately after running.
  • rduhlir
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    Water. That is pretty much the only thing I will drink after a run. And at least an 8 oz base, and go up from there depending on how much weight I lost through sweat and how much time I spend running.
  • Lyerin
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    I am not running very long distances (yet), but I drink water for the most part. If it is super hot and I'm super sweaty, I may add a packet of this stuff called "Sustain" to it. I have no scientific data to back it up, but it seems to me that I recover more quickly from a very hot and sweaty run when I drink it. It only has 20 calories, so I use it on occasion.
  • Raasy
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    Normally I just drink water.. Sometimes I will have a sobe with coconut water. And if I had a realy good calorie burn I will have a drink some protein powder mixed in water
  • likitisplit
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    I might need to get me some Sustain.
  • timeasterday
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    I am trying a couple of different recovery drink mixes now - Scivation Xtend and Fluid Recovery. Both have Glutamine which is supposed to aid in muscle recovery. The Fluid brand has some protein while the other does not. Xtend has more aminos and some other stuff that helps with ATP synthesis and lactate response. So far I prefer Xtend although it bothers my stomach a little at full strength. I need to water it down a bit to handle it. I really do feel like it helps me recover from running and mountain biking. It's pricey so I will only buy it again if I can get another good discount.
  • GCPgirl
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    Thank you for all the answers. I will try a few different ones to see what works.

    I also read this article & will try some of these like vegetable juice & iced green tea.

  • likitisplit
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    I actually drank some Pedialyte (the kids refuse it, so I give them G2 when they're sick) before and after my last run. It's nasty, but it was really effective.

    I tried Coconut Water and it was worse than Pedialyte.