Celebrating today!! :)

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I love this group way more than the FB ones out there, lol. So I wanted to come in here to celebrate!

As of this morning I have been on this WOE for 6 straight weeks. (I took one meal off for my bday as some of you may remember). I track my weight every day for motivational / just figuring out how things affect me reasons - but I really only "count" my Monday weigh ins.

As of this morning I am down 31 pounds!! I have different goals set for myself. My first is to get to pre-baby #3 weight - and I'm 7 pounds away from that goal. Goal #2 is pre-baby #2 (another 40 lbs). Goal #1 is pre-baby #1 (another 20lbs... there is a theme here... kids man...). So I am 1/3 of the way to my ultimate goal!!!!! I've been doing all this while battling hypothyroidism and this has been unreal.... That seemed SO impossible 6 weeks ago.

But beyond the scale victory I have something even better to celebrate....

I have completely reversed my blood glucose numbers. I started 6 weeks ago at the urging of my Endocrinologist to go "really low carb" . I was diagnosed pre-diabetic in July (my numbers were literally on the line for diabetic). Last week - my bloodsugar was actually low. My endo was laughing in shock :smile:, quickly reduced my metformin dose, and was so excited she told me to "eat whatever" I want on Thanksgiving (but we all know better of course).

I just want to say thank you all for the support and love and advice here!!!