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I am of the mindset that lowcarb is tolerable if it's in the form of chicken stir fried with light vegetables.. I thought I was going very very light on the carbs but I was still at like 48 whole and after fiber 36 on the carbs. I just don't feel really comfortable going under that.

What is the purpose of the induction period? Is it necessary to have your carbs really really low (under 20) for this diet to work chemically?

I understand the process with glyco(whatchamacallit) and how you lose water weight at first. I am having that. Yay! But in the past when I've been on a low carb diet I've noticed that I don't retain the water I normally do when I am eating carbs.

I remember when I first figured out that salt had a very bad effect on me, I was 19 or so. I'd gone on a diet to lose a few pounds and went on a soup fast basically. I was shocked and horrified when I just gained ten pounds over night. Thru the years It's happened over and over again when i had a high salt episode. Next day 5 to 10 pounds heavier.

when doing low carb salt doesn't seem to effect me this way..

anyone know what it is that is causing that?


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    I've read mention of this lightly in different blogs and in the why we get fat book. When they talk about the kidneys and hypertension (high blood pressure) they mention the salt issue. From what I gather in memory the salt is important when you are trying to go ketogenic. If I remember correctly the kidneys tends to let go of the salt when you go low carb (insulin plays a role in retention). Peter Attia on his blog mentions a something about salt. He had to increase his salt intake when he was going ketogenic and he explains why in his blog posts. Check or google eating academy Peter, then perhaps do a search of his blog for "salt".

    You can also go to Gary Taube's blog and he also has a post specifically about salt. I haven't read it yet but I'm sure it might help you out with the kind of information you looking for in relation to salt.

    In regards to carb amount, I'm fairly new to this but the way I've been reading this is if you focus on eating more fats you will eat less carbs. Also everyone's carb "threshold" is different. I think the <20g is a general advice for the population. You might be ok eating more carbs but to be sure you would buy a test kit (preferably a blood ketogenic tester) to see if you are in ketosis range higher than .5 or 1. So essentially you might be in ketosis with a higher carb amount than others or you may need to be at <20 g to be in ketosis. You can read more about this in Jimmy Moore's blog on his "n=1" experiment with nutritional ketogenesis. He goes into all this as he blogged his experience with this.
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    How do you find these blogs?
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    personally... i stay below 20g because if i eat much over i have a horendous craving for carbs that can reach a point shortly before re feed i would like to tear the sweets out my lads hand if i couldnt find other carbs !!! - and there doesnt seem much point to not being in full blown ketosis if you re going to the trouble of eating like this !!!
    Looking back it took me a full 30 odd days for my body to feel perfectly at ease with this type of eating having passed through the highs at the start and now enjoy the just plodding along despite having knocked some cooked meals due to the heat we re experiencing that has left my weights and energy level slightly down - no suprise there.

    just stick with it !

    for ease i ve eaten the same meals every day to avoid being obsessive about cal counting and at 40 odd days in with no measureable muscle loss i m around 13% body fat and looking forward to the next 30 days to see how far i can push it .

    ( had slight kidney pain due to high protein intake but those and liver have been tested and are perfectly normal)
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    I've heard people say that. I don't have a problem with that. (Carb cravings) I allow myself a square of chocolate a day. and with the veggies I don't feel deprived of a normal diet. My goal is to experiment with the number of carbs I can keep in and stay in ketosis. I think that's healthiest. If I could get some whole wheat seed bread in with my morning eggs I'd be thrilled.
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    this was an accidental repost of my earlier reply. I don't see a full out delete button?