Dietary Guidelines - Maybe Change Will Eventually Come!!


  • bametels
    bametels Posts: 950 Member
    Very encouraging! Now if only doctors in other countries will follow suit.
  • ambergem1969
    ambergem1969 Posts: 224 Member
    Wow! About 8 family doctors in my city on this list...if I need a new doctor, I know where to look now! Its encouraging but Canada is as much a cereal producer as the US...its going to be interesting. They held public consultations online also. Curious to see how this is going to turn out. At least our guidelines come from our health ministry and not agriculture...
  • nvmomketo
    nvmomketo Posts: 12,019 Member
    Nice. I hope the health minister reads it.
  • carlsoda
    carlsoda Posts: 3,414 Member
    Unfortunately big business has lots of money to buy the government. It is like the new food label guidelines coming out in Canada. They rejected the "added sugar" that the US is incorporating into the food labels. Why? Not sure but I read that big business won on that one.