What are you eating for NYE?

Kirstie155 Posts: 1,001 Member
Hubbs and I stay home to watch the ball drop, and I was thinking of making chicken wings and meatballs for our NYE dinner. The meatballs are premade and frozen from Costco, so not sure the carb count on them. What are you planning on making?
I just got an instant pot and cant wait to try it out!


  • sammyliftsandeats
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    I am going to a friend's house and she just moved in so we kind of ditched our plans for making all these yummy dips that we saw on the Tasty page on Facebook. However, I think I'm going to make either a spinach artichoke or buffalo chicken dip. Haven't fully decided yet.
  • swezeytba
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    Hubby will be working so will probably be dinner as usual and to bed normal time. What fuddy duddy's we are! :)
  • kpk54
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    A few of us are headed to a friend's lake house for the night. DH and I are taking a pile of fresh oysters which we'll cook 2 or 3 ways.

    The main event for dinner will be chili. I'll plan the rest of my day to be as carb and protein free as possible (which is not hard) and graciously eat some of the host's traditional New Year's Eve Chili.
  • LowCarb4Me2016
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    The family wants kielbasa and 'kraut. I detest 'kraut and will tolerate kielbasa, so I guess kielbasa with the 'kraut scraped off.
  • Kirstie155
    Kirstie155 Posts: 1,001 Member
    I think Im going to do some wings in the instant pot, like this recipe: http://www.thekitchenwhisperer.net/2014/07/29/pressure-cooker-wings-bourbon-honey-bbq-sauce/
    But not the bbq sauce and honey, thinking a hot sauce instead. I havent ever made wings at home, so Im a little nervous. I LOVE wings, and get so disappointed if my food isnt as good as I was hoping it would be :D
    @LowCarb4Me2016 I love kielbasa and sourkraut...mmmm
  • tcunbeliever
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    deviled eggs and sushi will be my main meal
  • MAJdansk
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    WW Crab Rangoon & Shrimp.
  • Gallowmere1984
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    edited December 2016
    The same things I eat everyday.

    Meats, protein sludge, protein bars, apples, and various veggies.
  • jwcsanders
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    We are grilling deer burgers and sausages, probably making some beans and other various things while we let the boys ride their dirt bikes and pop some fire works. I will be eating bunless burgers and grilling some squash for myself.
  • Bayluvr
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    My homemade naked wings fried in lard with homemade buffalo wing sauce, plus my first attempt at Fathead pizza, pickles, olives, bleu cheese dip with celery and cucumber sticks. Staying in with the grands and having movie night until the ball drops, and after.
  • LowCarbInScotland
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    Burgers (no bun of course) cornichons & sauerkraut, it's pretty much my go-to dinner now, so nothing special really. Was tempted to go out to one of the bars I work with, but I know that if I drink, I'll fall completely off the wagon and I just fought hard to get back on. My hubby is reallly health focused too right now, so we're keeping it low key so that we can start the new year feeling good.
  • kdz0444
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    We are moving this weekend so quick and easy is going to be our plan. Got lots of packing and rearranging to do Saturday night because we officially move on Sunday.
  • kimberlyb6682
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    I haven't thought about it, maybe I'll throw a vacuum sealed roast in a pot of water along with the sous vide device I gifted myself for Christmas tomorrow, it should be perfectly cooked by new years day.
  • VKetoV
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    Shrimp; it's tradition
  • dittmarml
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    Shrimp, celery w/cream cheese 'stuffing', salad. Soda water in a champagne glass. Yum! Happy New Year all!
  • williams969
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    Vodka :|:D Okay, one small drink, as two removes all food inhibitions. We will probably order chinese takeout. I'll have egg drop soup and my leftover chicken adobo, as the local place puts sugar in all the sauces.
  • MyriiStorm
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    Not a clue. Haven't thought that far ahead! :D
  • Kirstie155
    Kirstie155 Posts: 1,001 Member
    Yum, lots of good ideas here. Burgers, shrimp, deviled eggs :)
  • albertabeefy
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    We're having oodles and oodles of 'finger-food'. Much of it low-carb:
    • Meatballs (low carb if you don't sauce them)
    • bacon-wrapped jalapeno cream cheese poppers
    • bacon-wrapped bite-size beef tenderloin
    • bacon-wrapped bite-size chicken pieces
    • deep-fried chicken wings with buttery louisiana-style hot sauce
    ... and a bunch of carby stuff for the non-low-carbers in the house.
  • Bonny132
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    I will be making my low carb home made meatballs, slow cooked, served with tomato sauce and corgettini for me and carb filled spaghetti for the rest. Home made garlic bread for the others.

    Then I will bake my cherry pie and I will have a small slice, and a glass of champagne at 12.

    Back on the plan tomorrow, when everyone wants burgers for dinner. So skinny burger for me (no bun) with pickles, cheese and bacon and a side salad. Yum, yum.