And here we goooooooo!!! Starting Weight

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I posted this on my last challenge but love the words so much I am bringing it on to this one.

There is no shame in beginning again…in fact there is great bravery.

So whatever that ‘thing’ is that your heart of hearts wants or needs, but that you’ve fallen short of reaching or accomplishing before…take courage! It is a new day. xoxo

Time to keep it going or kickstart yourself, or even start anew. You got this!

Each week I will post a topic for that weeks weigh in, remember you don't have to tell anyone your weight if you don't want, just let us know if your up or down and any insight or struggles. We are all here for the same reason to get healthy.

Today here is where you can post your starting weight if you want or you can just use the spreadsheet or both. It's about what works for you. I know I will be up when I weigh in the morning because of the salt content in my food last night. But it's reality. I will post mini challenges and I hope you will take part in them. We are here for one another, so let's get moving!!



  • enmonteith
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    Hello! I was in the last challenge and fell off half way through :/ . I am ready to start again :) my starting weight is a whopping 15 heavier than what I was when I started the last challenge..kind of sad and ironic.. since the goal of the last challenge was to lose 15lbs before the start of the new year lol

    Lets Do this.. 5lbs at a time :smiley: Good Luck to All!
  • LadyScorpio67
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    MFP Start: 264.4
    CSW: 240.4
    CGW: 220.4
    UGW: 170
  • Parsniphead
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    Hi all

    CSW 168
    CGW 148
    UGW 120
    Height 5'2" (if I stand up very, very straight) with a small frame

    Good luck everyone.
  • Lilymay2
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    CSW - 176.8
    CGW - 170
    UGW - 165

  • michellenc27540
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    Not getting on the scale until Friday, but I am guessing I will be 130 or a few above. Goal weight is 120. Before the holidays I was 123 but gave in to holiday indulgence.
  • Mspmpayne
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    MFP SW: 285
    UGW: 150
    CSW: 191
    CGW: 160

    Can't believe I gained 10 lbs since the start of last challenge. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • pmb0602
    pmb0602 Posts: 20 Member
    MFP SW - 190
    CSW - 169.1
    CGW - 159
    UGW -150
  • 12qw34
    12qw34 Posts: 139 Member
    CSW 178.8
    CGW 158.8
    UGW 140
  • kaylangrandorff
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    MFP starting weight: 225lb
    Challenge Starting weight: 169lb
    Challenge Goal weight: 149lb
    Ultimate goal weight: 135lb
  • starfiresparkles
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    MFP SW- 204.8
    CSW- 180.8
    CGW- 160.8
    UGW- 135
  • Meghanebk
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    Taking the slow and steady route :)
    MFP Starting Weight: 171
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135
    Challenge Start Weight: 165
    Challenge Goal Weight: 159
  • aquarabbit
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    MFP SW - 160
    CSW - 149
    CGW - 130
    UGW -125

    Hoping to get at least 15 lbs down this month and have lots of energy for the schools (2 of them) I'm going to soon. Good luck everyone!
  • 1crvygrl
    1crvygrl Posts: 486 Member
    CSW 211.6
    CGW 191.6
    UGW 145
  • bestmeicanbe1
    bestmeicanbe1 Posts: 160 Member
    CSW: 143 lbs
    CGW: 133 lbs
    UGW: 125 lbs
  • crazylibraluv
    crazylibraluv Posts: 117 Member
    Dec 1.....159 lbs/Dec 31.....154 lbs
    Jan 1......154 lbs
  • kayjosh2422
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    Pleade don't forget to measure yourself. Many times our measurements are seen more than numbers on the scale
  • emilyvictoria7
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    SW: 270 lbs
    CW: 270lbs
    GW: 199lbs - I just want to be under 200 for once!

    I started tracking 16 days ago but obviously at like crap over the holidays so I haven't been on a scale since to see if my CW is still accurate. My next weigh in will be Jan 7/17 - we don't keep a scale in the house so my weigh ins will be less frequent.
  • typeitdaily
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    MFP Start: 257.8
    CSW: 217.8
    CGW: 197
    UGW: 140
  • megannxx
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    MFP Start: 279.2 lbs
    CSW: 211.4 lbs
    CGW: 191.4 lbs
    UGW: 150 lbs
  • kayjosh2422
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    MFP start 278
    CSW 224.4
    CGW 204.4
    UGW 175