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    Thank you guys for the well wishes. I am still recovering, for some reason when I get a simple cold I get it severe and need antibiotics sometimes even steroids to help. I have been much healthier in the last few years and haven't had a cold, I attributed that to all the exercise and healthy eating but this one got me. I am hoping to get to the gym on Saturday as long as I am feeling better. I am working on the stairs that won't be a problem for me as I have plenty of sets at work. I will also be able to do the videos tomorrow. I don't think they will be too high intensity so it wouldn't bother me to do.
    Now good news. My fur baby is already back to her happy playful self. Yesterday she wanted to go run in the snow. Tomorrow we are getting a foot, she will be so happy to play in that
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    ^ Those speckled legs are so adorable! <3
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    Laura - glad to hear you are feeling a little better. So glad to hear Jaz is back to her normal self! That was a quick recovery!
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    Anna - he's so adorable! It would be hard not to want to stop & cuddle him!!
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    We are almost halfway to the Gold Coast, but we have a LOT of missing information. Please fill in the spreadsheet as soon as you can, even if it is just putting in a 0. It helps to see an accurate picture of where we stand. Right now we are darn near half the points of Team 1, it's not even close. I am hoping though that is because we have so many blanks.

    Happy Friday Eve!
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    No gym for me yesterday (planned) and none today (unplanned). Just feel like I need a day to relax, kick my feet up, work on some self-care, do some planning, etc. A day to slow down if you will. I feel like I've just been going and going and... like the Energizer bunny.

    I WILL get an exercise video done later though. Because Sunday is a 0 day for me (too much housework to do, no time for dedicated exercise) and I don't want more than one 0 per week.

    I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!
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    Weight Loss Leader Sheet has been updated.
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    So sad that there are so many blank spaces! I have an active weekend planned so I will try to rack up some more minutes!
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    My furry helper and I got the other half of the stairs done after judging at the Science Fair for my school district tonight. I am having an easier time with staying under the calorie goal each day. One more day to make those 5 points for the team. I still need to do the videos, hopefully the next couple of days I can get that done too. Come on team 2, we need to get those miles and points!!
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    Hi All!

    I will admit I have had a lazy week. So I was determined to workout tonight. I killed 2 birds with one stone and did 2 of the challenges for my minutes tonight. (maybe 3 birds?)

    I don't have stairs anywhere at work or anything. But I do live in a basement suite so I have a tiny flight of 7 stairs to get down here. I put some music on my phone and got to work. Thank goodness we can count the down stairs too - may not have finished tonight otherwise. But I got it done. I have done worse haha. Climbed the stairs of the CN Tower - 1776 stairs, creepy atmosphere, all up no down stairs. So this seemed easy in comparison.

    Got the video done twice - once before stair climbing and I once after. Really would like to see that guy do that tipping forward exercise with boobs! Most were really hard but I am glad I have a ball because that one was super fun! Surprised I didn't crack my head on the TV stand as I rolled around trying to balance hahaha.

    We have a Chinook rolling in so the insanely cold weather is over and it's live-able outside again. Usually gives me a bit more energy to get things done so will try to get in more minutes in the last half of my week. No issues with the third challenge - been good on my eating so will finish that one up on Friday!

    Have a great week all!
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    All challenges complete, except for the calories, which I should easily finish by tomorrow. Now just need to focus on finishing up strong on the mileage for the rest of the week. My goal is to get over 535 miles for the week - I want to beat last week's number! It's just so hard, though. I get out on the trail with the intention of taking it slow to get more minutes in, but then I just get this crazy, restless urge to run every time...I've still got over 300 minutes left to do...better hurry up and slow down. ;)
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    Hope you are feeling a little recovered, Tameika!! Rough when you get just run down feeling.

    Cindy - hope you are having a blast!! Looks beautiful! Enjoy every minute of it!!

    Great job getting the stairs done Anna. So glad you are having easier job staying under calories. It feels like it's getting harder for me every day. I'm starving all the time for some reason. Not sure if it's because of watching the calories bit increasing my exercise or if something else weird is going on. The body is such a strange thing.

    Shanna - congrats on killing 3 birds!! Lol Glad you didn't crack your head, that'd make it awful hard to get in your minutes!! :D What is a Chinook?

    Jenilla - SLOW DOWN!!!! Lol...jk. Enjoy whatever running you get down, no matter how speedy you get!
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    ...What is a Chinook?...

    Warm wind that blows in across the Western plains and warms things up for brief periods in the winter, melts all the snow, etc. My grandparents from Montana and South Dakota used to talk about the Chinooks...

    My mom (from Montana) said it was disappointing as a kid when every once in awhile the Chinook would come through in December and they would have a "dirt Christmas" because it took all the pretty, white snow away and left mud behind. :/
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    jenilla1 wrote: »
    I don't live somewhere where you can do a lot of walking for your errands. I would say for the work time stuff that that would not count. Regarding the stairs, I only count time spent on them if I am specifically making an exercise out of it. Any stairs I get in at work, I only count towards the steps challenge and not towards the minutes/ miles. I'd like to hear other team members opinions on the errand walking. I am thinking if you had a way to track your time spent actively walking to and from, that it should count.

    Since you asked, here's the way I see it for my own self: I only count things as exercise if one of the primary functions of it is purposeful exercise to benefit my fitness. For example, I don't count walking around while shopping or doing chores as exercise minutes. Some other people do. (Don't know if that's right or wrong or just a personal preference thing?) But I do count walking my dog as exercise, because I am moving at a brisk, sustained pace.

    I wouldn't count walking around while at work as exercise either. That's just more like part of one's daily activity to me. If I was devoting an extended period of time and effort to taking the stairs purposefully as exercise, I'd count that as exercise. But I wouldn't count taking intermittent flights of stairs at work as minutes or mileage toward purposeful exercise. I would, however, have no problem adding the number of stairs to the total needed for the purposes of the challenge.

    I guess it would all depend on how fast and furiously you are walking those errands, whether the activity is sustained and getting the heart rate up, and how often and how many flights of stairs you are taking whether it should also count as mileage. If you feel like you are doing a legitimate workout and you can track it, go for it. I'm cool with whatever you guys think. B)

    That is how I understood the rules. I only count minutes as exercise if I deliberately set out to go for a walk, on the treadmill, etc. I have a fitbit, but do not use it to track my minutes of exercise as it tracks steps for shopping, housecleaning, etc. Same thing for the stairs. I have two sets of stairs in my home and during a normal week I would probably exceed the requirements for this weeks challenge according to my fitbit, so I set out to deliberately do extra flights of stairs in order to meet the challenge. My fitbit still counts all my activity for the purpose of extra calories earned which I like :smile: , but I don't use it for the purposes of tracking minutes for Amazing Race.
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    Yesterday turned out to be an unexpected rest day for me. It was cold and windy and work was busy so I didn't get to sneak away to the gym or get a real lunch break. I was worn out by 5 o'clock. I DID do the Fitness Blender videos last night to help me relax. I had a good sleep and am feeling revived today! :smiley:
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    Sorry my week is going to have a lot of zeros for minutes. I have been down with a terrible sinus/chest infection. I finally have some antibiotics in my system and I'm starting to feel a little more like myself but it really has knocked me out for most of the week.
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    @lbenson2006 Thank you! And I am, just needed a day to unwind. I did end up getting an exercise video done so it wasn't a total waste. Oh and in regards to you starving all the time, maybe you're not eating enough nutrient dense foods? I don't believe foods are "dirty", but I do believe stuff like chocolate, pastries, etc. are calorie dense and don't full you up considering the amount of calories that are in them. Just a thought. Or maybe you're just burning more calories than you think and actually need to be eating more. Do you wear a fitness tracker?

    @jenilla1 I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know that when I run, I RUN. I cannot take it slow, not even on purpose so I totally understand what you mean.

    @jenready Sorry you're not feeling well.

    As for me, I really needed that break yesterday because today I went full bore in the gym. I'm predicting I'll have burned a total of 3000 cals by the end of the day! Since today is my cheat day, I'm happy about that because I will be able to maintain a deficit even with all the bad foods I'm planning to eat. :D
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    It was a beauitful day today! 75 degrees, slight breeze. Instead of going to the gym and putting in 45 minutes on the treadmill, I look a nice long leisurely walk at a park close to my walk.

    Tomorrow, I'll get some miles in the morning but will more than likely go over on calories. My mom, my sister, and I are going to our favorite Chinese place. I loved it as a kid but haven't been back in a while since I moved nearly 2 hours away. Then I'm going to a chocolate festival fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.