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January 23-29 2017

maureli Posts: 722 Member

I've been absent! Sorry I have not been in this week yet. This is a sign of me not doing so well. I usually just lose it in all departments. Lol STILL EXERCISING THOUGH!
I have not been doing great with my eating but I can say that my exercise is going great.

I am working today. I have a garden salad with egg packed for lunch. Some yogurt/cottage cheese and will take an apple. Supper will be leftovers and tonight.....I will hopefully not snack before bed.


  • Aprilfoolbride
    Aprilfoolbride Posts: 552 Member
    Hi! Glad to hear you're at least doing your exercise! I can't say the same.

    Got my bloodwork back and it's... almost all bad. :( Feeling blue, I thought I was at least doing a few things right.

    Started the Beck Diet Solution Workbook, and contrary to the title it's not a diet, it's how to change your behavior and thinking so you can succeed on your diet.
  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    Oh no, sorry to hear about the bloodwork. I hope that this beck diet solution workbook helps you! I have not had blookwork done in a few years and guess I probably should as well.

    I am working today til 4pm. Got my lunch packed and hope to have a good day. Last night went pretty exercise til tomorrow though.