Why am I so thirsty?

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I'm positive this question has been asked countless times before but it hasn't happened to me before so I probably ignored the answer.

This is my third time in 2 years, going back into ketosis. I think I'm pretty stable as I've only had to go "back into" so infrequently. I've been zero carb (except for spices and about 2tsp lemon juice per day) for most of that time. I am on day 3-ish of full on ketosis and zero carb after a slow 3 week transition, with week three being absolute hell.

The problem is, for the last 3 days I've been thirsty. I'm NEVER thirsty. And now, I'm literally THIRSTY. Driving home I almost stopped at the corner store just for a bottle of water because the thirst was distracting!

I'm still only averaging about 2.5 litres of water a day so not ridiculously high, and when I drink it does satiate for a few hours but holy hanna!! EAch time it feels like I've been lost in the desert for days!

I don't count my sodium, but I do know it's much more than the average bear. Could it be too much sodium? Everything tastes like salt. I'm definitely eating more than usual but I'm also not taking my salt pills which I used to take previously otherwise I would get cramping.



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    I've noticed I drink a bit more after starting low carb myself. I figured it was needed to metabolize fat. I'm doing a long fast also.
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    @gsp90x -

    There are countless causes of thirst (a condition I'm trying to replicate in my 90-yo FIL, who is never thirsty but chronically dehydrated, because he"hates" plain old water. :o )

    If you're eating a lot of salty food, that does it to me for a few hours after the culprit meal.

    It might also be:
    • Dehydration
    • High blood glucose
    • Some med(s) you're on (water pills?)
    • Ideations of crawling in hot sand toward a mirage with your tongue hanging out
    • Youth
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    Low Carb makes you lose water in the beginning which in turn makes you thirsty. I suggest drinking keto-aid to replace the sodium and electrolytes you are losing. Or drink salty broth, that will help lessen the thirst
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    You may want to increase your salt intake. When you burn fat, your kidneys excrete a crazy amount of salt.

    Funny thing happened to me the other day. I went to the doctors and my blood pressure was up mildly, which is very unusual for me. So I came home, used my hubby's blood pressure cuff and it was even higher. Then I got this weird headache and ached all over and I realized I was dehydrated. Drank a glass of bone broth followed by 2 very delicious (funny how good water tastes when you're thirsty) glasses of water. Then I took my blood pressure again and it was back to normal. I didn't know dehydration causes high blood pressure. Live and learn.
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    when I first started keto my throat was always dry
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    I suspect you need more sodium. You can't retain the water you're drinking without enough sodium and the more of all fluids you take in, the more sodium you need to maintain the balance.
    If taking the tablets is an easy way for you to get it, I would add 2 of them starting today. Take them in separate doses...