Week of feb 13 to feb 19 : Goals and Results

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Starting the week with a 1.4 loss so I am happy! I told my husband no valentine candy, because I would eat the whole box in a day or two. Last week we had a lot of nice days, so I was able to go walking. The warm weather helps motivate me to eat right and exercise, which is probable why I had the loss. I need to stop being a wimp and bundle up and go walking in the colder weather too. This week my goal is to continue to eat right (cut out the crap) and exercise no matter what the weather is like outside.


  • barbhat13
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    Last week filled with eating out but did ok. But self sabatogue with cake and candy at work...( birthday party)...just have to be a recovering sugar addict and not even a bite... Just kicks in sugar craving and bad choices. Logging not so good... but a little more motivated...
    This week
    1. Log!
    2. Only eat at table...( takes fun out of snacking)
    3. No eating after work..( work 12 hour shifts )
    4. No snacks from vending machines
    5. Long run here at nature preserve

  • tress29
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    I'm headed to Charlottesville, VA for my mom's 70th birthday later this week. They are all late sleepers, so plan to get up and walk every morning while they are still abed. That way, I won't miss any awake time with them!

    Water consumption is down, need to get back to 8 glasses a day.
    Stay within my calories! I was about 400 calories over both Sat and Sun. Darn weekend!
    Try to get 6500 steps every day.
  • bm1409
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    barbhat13.......what a beautiful view!
  • barbhat13
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    Wow...logged in eat out dinner and dessert..oh my gosh! Amazing amount of calories..but hey,i logged it all
  • lemurcat12
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    Lovely photo. I've got to start taking photos on my runs again, although they aren't that exciting usually.

    (I've been struggling with a bad attitude, so haven't been around. Well, work was crazy for a while too.)