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Today is day 6. Tomorrow I can start full liquids and I have so many questions. Since I was squeezed in for surgery it seems my dietician visits got screwed up and they have scheduled me like a bypass not a sleeve. I found out late Friday and I expect a call Monday. I can drink everything I have tried so far 100 oz a day without issue. Haven't been nauseous either. Tomorrow when I whip up my protein shake how much of it will I be able to drink? How will I know when to stop? I assume I will need to wait after drinking it to start back on my water. What else can I have? Yogurt? Soup? What makes them right for this stage? What brands can you recommend? Any other tips or advice. I have had no problems so far and the only reason I have to believe they really did the surgery is I'm never hungry


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    I was only able to drink about an ounce at a time after surgery howevet I was allowed protein shakes right after surgery. I was also allowed sugar free jello but I did not tollerate it well. I had soups as well like chicken broth, squash, and tomato. I added nonflavored protein powder to my soups to get my protein in.
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    Also sugar free popsicles were allowed so that helped. I also made pureeed split pea soup with ham which was awesome!
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    As for protein shakes, I tried various ones but found the chocolate Premier Protein works best for me. I tolerate the flavor well enough and it packs 30grams of protein per shake with only 1 gram of sugar.

    I use the same rule for my protein shake daily as I do for eating: Stop drinking 30 minutes before and wait 30 minutes after to resume drinking fluids.
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    Your surgeon's office should have given you a guideline with stages and examples of what you can eat at each stage. A lot of doctors use the same guidelines for all WLS patients so it is entirely possible your surgeon uses the same guidelines for both bypass and sleeve patients. When I got the lap band back in 2007, I was on full liquids for 2 weeks. That means anything that you can drink with a straw or would go through a funnel - clear liquids, jello, pudding, shakes, pureed soup (fyi, you can puree chili and chunky soups), pureed cottage cheese and very loose yogurt.

    I had the sleeve Dec 2015. My sleeve surgeon's guidelines are below so you can see how he defined each stage but you need to get in touch with your program and get their recommended guideline. My surgeon tends to be a little aggressive, moving his patients through the stages more quickly than others I have seen. I have heard of other folks being on liquids for over a month. I was onto stage 3 by the time I was home from the hospital. Every program is different so check with your surgeon!

    STAGE 1 Day 1 post op - no food. water/ice chips
    STAGE 2 Day 2 post op - water, clear liquids - broth, caffeine free tea, coffee, sugar free jello

    STAGE 3 Post-Op Days 3 – 14
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supplemental Protein or Milk Drink(s)
    1-2 oz pureed (mushy) soft, high protein meals. Examples: Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Tuna Fish, Eggs, Ground chicken or turkey. Can add protein powder to any food to increase protein. NO RED MEAT
    64 oz. fluids daily in-between meals [Water, ice chips, sugar-free fluids, broth, de-caf coffee/tea, diet jello, sugar-free ice pops]
    SUPPLEMENT DRINK (s): 20 - 30 total grams per day by protein drink (s) or 2 milks

    STAGE 4 Days 14 - 30
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Supplemental Protein or Milk Drink(s):
    2-3 oz regular textured high protein meals (may add beans).
    Breakfast ONLY alternative: Hi-fiber cereals – see specifics below.
    Can add 1-2 tablespoons cup soft, canned fruits in water or natural juices, applesauce, banana added to cottage/ricotta cheese or yogurts
    Same Fluids – 64 oz daily
    SUPPLEMENT DRINK (s) 20 - 30 total grams per day by protein drink (s) or 2 milks

    STAGE 5 - 1 Month
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Supplemental Protein or Milk Drink(s)
    3-4 oz regular textured high protein meals. Red Meat Allowed
    PLUS Lettuce with low calorie dressing
    Non-starchy vegetables – soft
    Same fluids – 64 oz daily
    20 - 30 total grams per day by protein drink (s) or 2 milks

    STAGE 6 – 6 Weeks
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner Supplemental Protein or Milk Drink (s)
    3- 4 oz high protein meals
    2 servings vegetables daily (½ cup cooked / 1 cup raw)
    2 servings fruit daily = small whole fruit or ½ cup
    Same fluids - 64 oz daily SUPPLEMENT DRINK (s)
    20 - 30 total grams per day by protein drink (s) or 2 milks

    At 1 year or when 75% Excess Weight Loss
    3- 4 oz high protein meals
    2 servings vegetables daily
    2 servings fruit daily
    Complex Carbohydrates ( 3 servings or less)
    64 oz daily fluids
    At 1 Year Protein Supplement drinks can be replaced with healthy snacks.
    Snacks should be protein, plus or minus fruit, vegetable or hi-fiber carb at about 150-200 calories

    PROTEIN DRINK Requirement
    If Milk is chosen drink Fat-free or 1%. Can use Sugar-free Chocolate Nestle Quik
    Protein or milk drinks are NOT meal replacements. They supplement the 3 eaten protein meals.

    Hot and Cold Cereals allowed Stage 4
    14 days post-op
    Breakfast Alternative Only:
    Cereals Allowed in ½ cup portions
    Kasha (buckwheat)
    Quaker Oats brand Oatmeal High Fiber
    Kashi brand Hot Cereal Truly Vanilla
    Kashi Go Lean (let milk soften cereal)
    Cereals MUST be made with one scoop unflavored protein powder (15 grams per scoop on average) AND 4 oz skim, 1% or 2% milk
    If lactose intolerant – choose lactose-free milk or take dairy-ease type supplement

    When selecting milk – read food label and aim for milks with 10 gram protein per 8 oz. serving.

    Protein Priority! Always eat ALL protein first before eating fruits or vegetables.
    Starchy complex carbohydrates are added in at 1 year or when 75% excess weight loss is achieved. Once allowed - starchy carbohydrates are NOT to exceed 3 servings per day. This food group addition will be discussed at your 6 month or 1 year appointment.
    When starchy complex carbohydrates are added to diet – they are to be consumed last - AFTER eating protein, fruits/vegetables.

    Protein FIRST
    Fruits and vegetables SECOND
    Starchy Carbohydrate THIRD

    Unflavored protein powders are a great way to add extra protein into drinks, soups, hot foods. Make sure powder is heat stable if adding to hot foods.

    Foods should be prepared using low-fat cooking techniques such as bake, steam, grill, poach, roast. Do not fry or sauté unless using PAM type spray. Protein Sources
    * Greek Yogurt higher protein content
    Low fat Cheese (3 grams fat or less per oz.)
    Cottage Cheese, Ricotta Cheese
    Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Cornish Hens (remove skin)
    Lean Red Meat – 95 % ground meat, sirloin, flank, filet mignon (tenderloin)
    Pork (tenderloin only)
    Turkey Sausage, Chicken Sausage
    Canadian bacon
    Lean Lunch Meats (3 grams fat or less per oz.)
    Hot Dogs 90-95% fat free
    Textured vegetable protein and products
    Chili – ground lean red meat, turkey, chicken
    Salads – tuna, crab, shrimp, lobster, ham, chicken with light mayo in small amounts.
    Home made broth-based soups/stews/stir-frys with mostly protein - chicken, meatballs, fish, seafood and veg and/or small carb (when allowed)

    Hope this helps!
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    oh and forgot to add - get yourself an unflavored protein! I had a hard time finding protein drinks I liked, everything was too sweet and fake tasting. Unflavored protein powder was my saving grace! Like @Jamieeldred I added it to everything - coffee, oatmeal, yogurt, soup. The only flavored protein I ended up liking enough to repurchase and drink regularly is Premier Protein - chocolate, vanilla, and caramel flavors. They are ready made and come in 11 oz resealable containers so they are very convenient. You can buy them in 4 packs just about everywhere but they sell them by the case in BJs and Costco.