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Thought I would ask you lovely half marathoners for your views and ideas on training plans.

Currently I am training for my second half marathon on 14th May. My training plan is:

1 x short run
1× fartlek or short run
1 x long run - did 12 miles fairly comfortably last weekend so I know I'm good for distance.
2 x exercise bike, one steady pace session and one intervals - 20- 40 minutes depending how my legs feel.
1 x yoga
and on biking days I half heartedly do some planks, press ups and a quick upper body dumbell routine.

I've struggled with runger a bit as I am trying to lose the last few pounds (currently 136lbs and my happy range is 130 - 132lbs) but can't even hold a 200 calorie deficit with the miles I'm doing. I didn't eat enough the 3 days after my 12 miles so have been starving and tired all week.

I'm happy(ish) to ditch the deficit until after my race as I really want a PB, but I also want to lose the squish.

I'm not fussed about the number on the scale as much as looking better in my bikini, so what's the best way to add in a proper strength training routine? How do other runners do that without it affecting their running performance? Or am I better waiting till after my race when I can reduce my mileage?



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    Here's what my week looks like:

    M: XT (bike, stairs, elliptical or Zumba) + Strength
    T: Speed work (intervals, hills, or tempo) unless I have an injury. I'll do 4 miles easy if I'm not 100%. Also yoga.
    W: longish mid week run: 5 to 10 miles easy
    Th: Strength and 4 mile easy run
    F: Rest / yoga
    Sat: 6 to 12 mile run with every other week being a pace run at goal marathon pace
    Sun: 10 to 20 mile run and yoga

    In the varied mileage, I'm in the lower half for HM training and upper half for marathon training. When I do yoga, it's only 20 minutes plus some foam rolling.

    Ideally, it would be better if I could switch Tuesday and Wednesday around, but I don't have time for a longish run on Tuesdays.

    Sometimes I switch up Sat and Sunday depending on my schedule.