Health Letter from an Elementary School

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Ok, this is a side topic from my typical Tomboy Tough stuff, but I am appalled that a health assistant at a school is RECOMMENDING sending sugar to school!
Here is parts of the letter.
Dear Parents:
Approx. 12 million Americans have food allergies, allergens at school are to peanuts and tree nuts.....We know that many parents like to celebrate birthdays and other occasions with special treats......Fruit-roll ups, gushers, fruit by the foot and most candy made only with "sugar" is usually ok.......

Now I get the nut allergy thing, but REALLY? Recommending sugar? Now, these "fruit" things are really not anywhere close to fruit, and they contain food dyes (which my friends son is allergic to!) Here is sample of items
Fruit roll up has a total of 14 g....12 grams with SUGAR 86% sugar
Fruit gushers 25 g total 20 grams SUGAR 80% sugar
Fruit by the foot 21 grams 17 sugar 81% sugar
CliffZ fruit bar 20g 17 SUGAR 85% sugar (thankfully no food dye)

So you will expose students to food dyes and high sugar levels (leads to diabetes) but you are protecting the nut allergy kids. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BRINGING REAL FRUIT? Kiwi, orange, cherries, bananas???
How can one as a health assistant recommend processed foods, with food dyes, and high rates of sugar? An apple has 223 g with only 23 g of sugar...10% sugar!! You get 5.4g of fiber and vitamin C, A, Calcium & iron....hmmmm is THAT harmful???

I'm deeply disturbed by this letter to parents.....and yes, do I want to bring it to the health assistant's attention? uh duh! It's trying to say it without being condescending and rude, but come on don't protect one group of kids, where others have sugar issues and food dye allergies!!
1 out of 3 kids is overweight....ugh ease off on the sugar!!