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First day of omad!

dmcb24dmcb24 Posts: 55Member Member Posts: 55Member Member
Hi everyone, today is my first day. I am so excited to try this new way of living. My husband has been doing it and les lost a lot of weight. I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids and this past year my weight has gotten out of control. I'd like to lose 35 lbs. today I've had black coffee, that's it so far. I am so ready to lose weight !!


  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    Best to you in your journey from one SAHM to another! Mine are grown now, but I fondly remember the days. I just started the journey the other day. The support here is really outstanding! :-)
  • 1MADGIRL1MADGIRL Posts: 836Member Member Posts: 836Member Member
    Welcome! We're glad you are here! :)
  • Brendalea69Brendalea69 Posts: 3,461Member Member Posts: 3,461Member Member
    Hi and Welcome!!! :)
  • mikseynihamikseyniha Posts: 442Member Member Posts: 442Member Member
    Heyy! Welcome :)
  • shans34shans34 Posts: 535Member Member Posts: 535Member Member
    Good luck! It's the easiest way to go about controlling food intake. We are such slaves to eating.
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